Dentures Overnight

Dentures have been around for a long time and for millions of people around the world, their false teeth are a vital part of life. Dentures should be taken care of, just like regular teeth. While some people use denture adhesive, others find the dentures fit so well. There’s no need for fixing and, of course, when you go to bed, you put your dentures in a glass by the side of the bed or in the bathroom.

Can I leave my dentures in at night?

If you were to ask a dentist this question, the answer would likely be an emphatic no! There are many reasons to remove your dentures at night, which we will examine in this article, while another concern is safety; a partial denture could slip down a person’s throat, with possibly fatal consequences and that could easily occur if the person was laying on their back.

Giving the gums a rest

Wearing dentures involves a foreign material that constantly sits on the wearer’s gums and while that might be fine, your gums should have a rest. This allows air to circulate in a natural way. Plus, it allows your jaw muscles to relax. Besides, it is unnatural to have any foreign object in the mouth and if it isn’t necessary, as when you are sleeping, the dentures should be removed.

Dentures Overnight

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Plaque & Bacteria

Wearing dentures at night certainly presents an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive, which is yet another reason to always remove dentures and place them in clean water (with a cleaning tablet), ready to be cleaned and worn in the morning.


Emergency situations change everything and if you are trying to sleep in a natural environment, a single night isn’t going to make much difference. It also eliminates the risk of misplacing them. This is not something that should become a habit, rather the odd exception, such as a camping trip or a hike in the mountains.

Denture Care

More than one person has had their dentures raided by the family dog; even dropping it on the hard bathroom floor can be enough to split the acrylic. Indeed, there are many ways that dentures can be damaged, which is why we have emergency denture repair, which can be found with a Google search. A local expert can typically fix your dentures while you wait, which is very convenient. If you’d like a spare set, they can replicate dentures.

Here are a few denture care points:

  • Brush your dentures
  • Leave them in warm water overnight
  • Rinse thoroughly in the morning

To conclude, if you are in a very unusual environment with no safe place to leave your dentures, you will survive if you leave them in for one night; otherwise, they should be removed and left in a glass or warm (not hot) water and rinsed thoroughly after the morning clean. If you look after your dentures, they will provide you with years of trouble-free service and when in need of repair, contact a reliable dentist offering denture repair service.