Why Buy Bulk Firewood For Sale?

There is nothing more calming and pleasing than a warm wood fire in the fireplace during chilling winter. There is something very unique and attractive about burning and crackling logs in the winter season. If you want to burn your ironbark firewood in the best way possible then here are some important tips. Though there are many different types of firewood and ironbark wood is the best to burn. If you’re the one searching for ‘firewood box for sale’, then this is the right page for you. 

Check out below some important things that you should know and follow before burning firewood. 

Dry vs. Wet Wood

It is a well-known fact that dry or seasoned wood burns best as it creates less smoke than any other type of wood. The high amount of smoke in the chimney is not good and sluggish means a very poorly inefficient fire. You can get your favourite firewood box for sale at the best prices online. 

Proper Air 

The right flow of air is highly necessary for the efficient burning of the air. The main reasons for the poor flow of air to your log are fuel obstructions and closed stacking of the logs. Other common reasons are too air-tight houses and less open damper to generate a draft. 

Keep the Flue Clean 

It is very important to keep the chimney clean regularly and for that, you should take chimney sweep services. You should keep the excess flammable creosote away from building up in the flue. This will also help to remove the animal nests, debris, and dust. With bulk firewood in NSW, you won’t face any hassle while purchasing firewood. 

Hardwood vs. Softwood

Hardwoods such as alder, maple, beech, and hickory are denser than other woods. They burn for a long time and produce more heat than the softwood. Commonly used softwoods are cedar, pine, juniper, and redwood. You can use softwood if you want a short and less-intense fire. Hardwoods are ideal for long-lasting and heat-heavy fires. 

Light from the Top

Start the fire with a tinder and kindling on the top of the log stack. This is the best way to build an efficient fire in a stove or fireplace. This will allow the firewood to burn better and reach the right temperature quickly. 

Tinder and Kindling 

Small twigs, pine needles, and crumbled-up newspapers make excellent tinder. You should always use heavy materials for kindling such as branch pieces, larger twigs, and wood silvers. 

Things to Avoid 

Never use newspaper tinder and non-wood items for starting the fire. These items include lighter fluid, gasoline, charcoal starter, household trash, magazines, clothes, cardboard boxes, and painted wood.

Never Overload the Firebox

Never use too many logs in the firebox as this will make the fire burn too intensely which would lead to a chimney fire. Make sure you follow the instructions of the fireplace manufacturer or consult a chimney fire to use logs properly.

Keep the Hearth Area Clear

Never set furnishing or rugs near to the fireplace. It is best to use a glass door or fire screen to prevent the popping embers from jumping out of the fireplace. Plus, also make sure that you never leave children alone near the fireplace. This is important to ensure the safety of your house and children.