Aging can be a heartbreaking process; especially it involves loss of good looks. Nothing can ruin good looks faster than the loss of teeth. Loss of teeth impacts not only beauty but also the ability to chew and clarity of speech. This adversely impacts the person’s health as some food groups cannot be eaten or are too uncomfortable to be enjoyed. Personal life and social life are negatively affected as the person feels hesitant to interact with family and friend’s due loss of looks and more because speech is slurred or distorted.


The modern-day dentistry has made it possible to have prostheses that can restore all the functions of natural teeth and continue living as one did before the loss of teeth.

What Is Over Denture?

An overdenture is a set of false teeth. An overdenture is available for both the upper and lower jaws. Anyone who has lost some teeth or even all their teeth can have one made.

Though the teeth look natural and lift the face and the spirits of the wearer, there are problems with this old-fashioned method. The efficiency of chewing is reduced. The molding which adheres to the palate is uncomfortable. It restricts taste of what is eaten. There is a feeling of a foreign object in the mouth. This could lead to gagging.

What Is An Implant?

An implant is a part of the procedure that is attached to the jawbone. It supports the superstructure of the tooth. It is inserted into the jawbone to support a crown, a bridge, or a denture. It is also an anchor.

It is a kind of screw which is attached to the jawbone which attaches and holds in place the visible part of the tooth.

Together with the denture, this is known as implant overdenture.

Implant Overdenture

Keeping in step with all the other branches of medical science, dentistry has also taken giant steps in restoring teeth. One does not need to have cumbersome over dentures anymore. Overdentures can be directly implanted into the jawbone. This can be done for a single tooth or the complete denture. It is comfortable and self-confidence enhancing.

There are no issues with oral hygiene as implant overdentures can be cleaned and brushed just like natural teeth. An implant overdenture has the same biting force as that of natural teeth. It does not cause loss of taste or impaired speech. There is no danger that it will become loose or fall out in the course of normal social interaction.

Traditional Prostheses Versus Implant Over Denture


Implant overdentures are preferable because once tooth loss occurs, the jawbone tends to regress. This causes traditional prostheses to become loose and cause discomfort. When implants are used, the bone is continuously stimulated, so the bone loss is mitigated.

The most frightening aspect of the traditional denture is misplacing your teeth! No such danger is faced with the implant over denture

The traditional denture does not retain its biting force after a lapse of time when bone loss occurs. Certain foods then become unpalatable because they are tough to chew, and chewing is a challenge at every meal. Health is impacted, therefore.

Loose traditional dentures can cause speech impairment. This leads to a further loss of self-confidence.

To overcome all these disadvantages, new prostheses must be made, and that is an expensive option. Implants are more cost-effective as they do not have to be upgraded like traditional prostheses

Initially, implanting overdentures was expensive. Improved technology and new materials have made them cheaper and more durable. Today, unless there is a medical condition that does allow implant overdentures, most people prefer them.