Ever wondered about what is a major let-down for guests when they visit you? An off-putting home! No matter how wonderfully you socialise with them, but a place that lacks charm will always make them want to leave as soon as possible. A home that is inviting not only attracts compliments from visitors but also makes them want to stay longer. Here are some tips to tweak your humble abode to your guests’ delight:

1. A Welcoming Door

Welcoming Door

 Home décor is no rocket science. If the first impression matters so much in the case of people, so does it in case of houses. If the front door is not welcoming, your visitors are going to have a hard time finding interest in any other part of your home. Set them up for a treat by accessorising your door with clean and attractive door mats, lights and some plants. Follow that up by a well-lit foyer to the main spaces in your house. Placing a welcome note for all visitors may sound silly but can prove to be a game-changer.

2. Colours and Textures


Every home must have a wall that tells a story- a colourful story! Creating a colourful and textured wall enhances the vividness of your space and adds a dimension to it. Such a wall is best designed across the entrance, so as to catch people’s attention in no time. A lot of modern designer homes have textured walls that are raw and basic, but nothing short of elegance. Dedicate a wall of that sort and see it become the background of every group picture.

3. Minimalism


People tend to overdo their home décor with a lot of artefacts and furniture. Rather than enhancing the looks of the home, it makes the place look clumsy. The key to a perfect interior is to keep things simple yet functional. Visitors often find it intimidating when they come inside a house that has a lot to see, but they simply cannot connect with it. Even moving around the furniture becomes a gruelling task. Keeping it minimal makes it seamless for them to traverse across spaces.

4. Add Some Greens


If your house looks monotonous, it may be due to lack of enough plants in your living space. Never miss an opportunity to add a plant in every nook and corner of your house. There are numerous benefits to having plants indoor. They provide a sense of life and breathability wherever placed. You may consider placing little plants on desks and even bathrooms. Your guests will absolutely love to find some greenery as they move around. A garden is another great way to improve curb appeal. A metal garden trellis is a gorgeous way to spruce up the appeal of your front or backyard garden.

5. Play With Lights

Lighting plays an essential role in creating an ambience in the house. It is a source of energy that uplifts any dull space. Both natural and artificial lighting is important when it comes to illumination. While you can let in beautiful sun rays during the day through different casements and windows, lamps and accent lights are also integrated as a part of a well-lit space. However, lighting needs to serve a purpose and function at the same time. For example, a crystal chandelier is placed centrally in a big room not only because they look beautiful, but also because they serve as an excellent source of light for the entire space. There are numerous other benefits of balanced lighting that will leave your visitors in admiration of your home.

6. Make it smell good

Nobody likes a foul-smelling house, not even your visitors. Notice unpleasant smell that might be coming from any part of the house. Cover open garbage bins, wash soiled clothes and get rid of any rotten eatables that you might have in your house. Replace these odours with a pleasant smell from flowering plants, air fresheners and fragrant candles. This will add some freshness in your home and make it more appealing to your visitors.

7. The Bathrooms


When it comes to bathrooms, it is not always about expensive fittings. A bathroom that is clean comfortable is the way to go. No visitors like to feel uncomfortable while taking a break. Therefore, ensure that the bathroom is tidy, has enough toilet papers, napkins and a mirror. Also make sure that it has a waste bin and smells good by using room fresheners and fragrant flowers or sticks. Maintaining a good bathroom is one of the easiest ways to lure visitors to your home.

Follow these easy tips to have a home that is alluring to guests. This way, you don’t have to sweat out on capturing their attention and you can instead stay worried free and enjoy their company. When your home becomes more welcoming to guests, it eventually becomes more welcoming to you.