When you finally buy a new home, obviously you are going to be excited to move there. However, do not overlook the fact that the logistics involved in moving and settling to a new home is inevitably going to be tiring and stressful. A new home means having a new environment, new experiences, and new neighbors to adapt to, which in themselves are added stressors to any potential new home buyer. This doesn’t even include the search for schools or daycare (for those with kids) and looking for a new physician that comes with moving homes.

From deciding which items to give away or sell, to packing and labeling boxes, even preparing the heavy cargo you need for shipping, and everything in between—moving to a new house does require require a lot of careful planning and afterthought. Don’t let the worry and stress keep you from enjoying your new experiences and your new home. To help you with this transition, here are a few things you must keep in mind when in the middle of moving from your old home to the new.

#1: Make a checklist

First and foremost, just like any other task, create a checklist of all the things that you need to do. This way, when you create a checklist, you get to sort each task according to urgency so everything will be easier to organize.

Have you contacted a shipping company to help you get your heavy cargo ready for shipping? Have you checked the local school system and chose a school perfect for your kids? Completing seemingly menial tasks will seem stressful at first, but when you finish each one of them one at a time, all the other minor tasks will come easier. This will make completing your move to your new home much faster. Make sure you to check off each task as you complete them so you won’t get confused.

#2: Give away old items

While preparing your heavy cargo for shipping, you’ll start to notice how much stuff you actually have at home. The question is, do you still use most of these items? Decide and separate valuables you’ll want to keep and items you’ll want to give away.

You would be making a lot of people happy when you decide to donate these items to charity. On the other hand, you could sell these items online or at a garage sale (at a discounted price, of course, to move them quickly) so you can have extra cash to buy new items. There is nothing like starting a fresh life with a ton of new appliances and furniture.

#3: Pack early

You know packing is going to be one of, if not, the most stressful and tiring tasks of moving to a new home. It would make a lot of sense to get it over with as soon as possible, after you’ve finished sorting the valuables you want to keep and the things you’ll most likely give away. Ask members of the household to start packing their own things and labeling them accordingly. After they’ve finished packing and labeling their own stuff, ask them to help you pack all the family valuables. This way, you won’t have to think of anything else after you’ve finished packing.

#4: Recycle old boxes

Moving to your new home is the perfect time to bring out boxes you used before to pack all your supplies. After all, you are doing your part in helping conserve the environment. The more used boxes you have for packing supplies, the better it would be. Save money by reusing old boxes lying around at home than buying new boxes from your chosen moving company. If you feel you’ll lack boxes, don’t be afraid to ask more from your friends and neighbors. They’ll be happy to lend you the boxes they don’t need.

#5: Hire movers

While preparing your heavy cargo for shipping, it’s often best to hire professionals to do the packing and moving for you. Instead of going through the tiring task of storing, packing, and moving your or your family’s possessions yourself over long distances, a moving company will do a better job than you. Moving companies may charge a hefty fee, but what you are paying for is their expertise, your comfort, and making the moving process much easier for you.