Are you new in the fashion industry? To make your brand stand out, you need the most attractive fashion logo design. And to get started, we got you covered. Here are five steps to create an attractive fashion logo. Bookmark this blog to make the logo making process easy and smooth.

Find an icon

The very first step as you start designing a logo from a logo maker is to find an apt icon for your fashion brand. The logo makers have hundreds of icons to choose from and finding a suitable one can be a little tricky. Remember a fashion logo without an icon is just like opening a clothing store without a name. To make your audience know about you and what you actually do in the easiest way, you need to have a logo icon. Choose an icon that is only related to the fashion industry. For example if you sell men’s wear, go for icons featuring men’s silhouettes, ties, glasses etc. for women’s clothing go for icons with heels, handbags, hats etc.

Choose a color

After finalizing the icon, it’s time to focus on the color of your logo. The color of the logo can be a real game changer. It can make or break a logo. For trendy and creative fashion logos, you might have to compromise on the simplistic nature. But with a minimal design it can all be balanced in the right way. You can also incorporate neat organizational color in your logo to give it a classic feel. The fact that colors can evoke certain emotions and set a mood should also be kept in mind. Find a color that reflects your brand identity in the best way possible.

Select right font

The font of the logo should be readable and attractive. Font creates a visual perception of the name of the brand. It is something that defines how memorable and legible your message will be. Therefore to choose the right font you need to consider legibility, balance, and other minor elements of the logo. By legibility we want you to emphasise on the readability of the font across all backgrounds. Also, choose a font that compliments the size of your icon. In order to add some extra effects, always add minor elements.

White spaces matter

Having a fashion logo design without white spaces makes no sense. It won’t be just difficult to read but also won’t hit the target audience. It would in fact make no sense in the market. The icon and text should always have some white spaces left in between. That way you get to pass your message across with ease. But again, do not overdo spacing. Unless you deliberately want to make the icon look isolated in yoru logo, avoid leaving too much white space in the logo.

Finalize your logo design

The above steps make it clear that you don’t need a degree in graphic designing if you have logo makers around. The logo makers online help you create perfect fashion logo designs with all that you need. After you are done following all the above steps you can save your logo design in different formats. Doing that will help you later as you will need the logo for different purses and platforms.

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