In the times, when artificial intelligence is being preferred more than humans performing tasks, we need to buckle ourselves in a way that the chances of robots taking up the world seem indifferent. No! It’s not the human insecurity but a way to challenge ourselves to glorify in our knowledge and skills that would make us ‘superhumans’ in terms of getting employed in today’s economic market.

Let us know more about these skills that a person should possess to make a place in the highly intelligent marketplace today. Read on

  • Decision-making abilities- you cannot always rely on your seniors or your boss to take a decision in the company’s favor, more so, when you are given the power to do so. That is why client handling and fixing deals with them is a must-have skill that every employee must possess.

  • Social rapport- you are always judged by the way you connect with others around you. And when your social rapport is good enough, chances of impressing your employers and getting hired by them increases three-folds than those who are anti-social.

  • Emotional intelligence- this is a very important skill to possess in this economic era. Being emotionally intelligent means respecting other people’s feelings and decisions in your workplace. When you learn to be exactly on your point without harming the self-respect of others in case they are wrong, you win in possessing this quality.

  • Creativity- being creative is not only important to lead a company but also to flourish in your own perspectives on life. When you think differently than others, it is when you get the best lessons and results from your work experience.

  • Problem-solving capabilities in emergency conditions- we all possess more or less thinking abilities when given ample time but the ones who can act in emergency conditions get the ‘ball in their court”. The problem-solving abilities in a crisis situation are the best quality that you can possess for getting hired in today’s time.

How to acquire these skills?

In some cases, a person s born with an attitude and confidence to conquer the world while in some cases they are polished with passing times and their hard work earns them accolades for being skillful. But both these types of individuals need proper guidance to showcase their talents and flourish in their professional paths.

The skills that are mentioned above are the primary and most important criteria these days to get hired in a reputed company and thus there are certain courses and classes that groom you towards learning these ethics of performing better in the workplace.

Apart from the online courses that focus on the core development of the candidates, there are programs like “authentic leadership initiative” conducted by EQ experts which is based on social intelligence and authentic communication issues, “search inside yourself” is also a leadership program that is based primarily on emotional intelligence. And there are such programs also, which boosts your self-confidence and prepares you to face the competitive employment market so that you can make a place for yourself in it.


Having high degrees and being well groomed are two different things; you may only possess a graduate degree but you have higher communication and off-field skills as compared to someone who has much higher degrees than you but lacks in other qualities. The chances of you getting hired by the high profile companies always remain more as compared to him because every employer looks for smartness and skills combined with education rather than ONLY degrees!