5 Must Have Toro Golf Course Equipment

An immaculate turf full of manicured green grass is what every manager wants for his turf. Maintaining a golf course is a huge responsibility. There are several machines involved, work force and time. This seems impossible without the right Toro golf course equipment. The performance, safety and durability of Toro equipment can not be compared.

Toro equipment comes with an array of technology. The essential set of tools by the brand helps you keep your golf course up to date. Here is the list of few must-have Toro equipment.

Toro Golf Course Mowers

Toro golf course mowers are the most essential items on the checklist of course maintenance equipment. One can go without everything but not mowers. This category of equipment is needed for managing a course well. There are several types of mowers that a maintenance team must have. Few of them are collar mowers, tee mowers, golf green mowers, fairway mowers, rough mowers, triplex mowers etc. The mower that would be right for you and your golf course completely depends on the type of grass, location and usage. For example, if you have an 18 hole facility golf course, you would definitely need around 8 to 10 walking green mowers.

Hydraulic Lifter

Next in the list of must-have Toro golf course equipment. As the name suggests it is an equipment that is used to lift all the heavy stuff may it be machines or anything. In case your triplex mower suddenly stops working and doesn’t move at all. A hydraulic lifter will help you lift the mower and move them at the service center. Whether it is an emergency on field or off field, a hydraulic lifter takes care of everything. A hydraulic lifter is also one of the greatest tools in the list of maintenance equipment.

Green Rollers

Now comes the ultimate green rollers. These rollers are generally incorporated with different mowing machines. Green rollers are said to accentuate the quality of the turf really well. They tend to increase the speed at which a golf ball moves in the turf. From decreasing dry spots, allowing uncomplicated motion of the moisture inside turf or anything else, green rollers are capable of doing it all. The smooth surface created by the green rollers helps in better seedbed growth and cuts down the growth of algae. Again, it is a must have equipment for maintenance of golf courses.

Backpack Blowers

Blowers are used to get rid of the piles of leaves from the golf course. Handheld backpack blowers are a kind of Toro golf course equipment that clean out the course at its best. There are leaves on the golf course that can become substantially unsafe for staff, visitors and maintenance equipment. Blowers help you move debris, dry grass from specific areas.

Hole Cutters

Hole cutter is another tool that lets you cut a hole yourself. It is a DIY tool that allows cutting of different types of holes. Toro has some heavy duty hole cutters that are advanced and lets you cut holes with specific diameters and lengths. By using 2 to 4 different kinds of hole cutters you can streamline the maintenance work of your golf course really well.

Buying Toro golf course equipment may seem an expensive affair but these equipment are durable too. You can count on them for ages. 

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