Work Boot

For those of you who are literally on the feet all day (or perhaps night) you know how important it is to have a good pair of work boots. A right work boot serves multiple purposes – giving your feet an all-around safety and comfort to move around.

Considering the pain and damage you have to bear on the feet with average work shoes, investing on a pair of sturdy work boot is worth your bucks. With that being said, we have put together some of the most important things to consider when buying a best work boots for men and women.


No second-thought to this. Your foot comfort very much depends on how well the boot fits. Boots that are either short or narrow will shrink your feet while the bigger boots will allow too much movement of your feet and will lead to hot spots and blisters. Before selecting, make sure you try on a number of boots and go for the boot that fits you just well.

Cushioned Sole

Cushioned soles act as a suspension for your feet – they make your steps easy by providing a much-needed comfort between your feet and the concrete floors. Every step we take on a hard surface, our feet absorbs the shock and makes our feet painful. A good pair of work boots have a high cushioned sole that helps absorb the extra shock while reducing the stress on joints. Make sure to check the comfortability cushioned sole provides to your feet before you make a purchase.

Strong Arch Support

Your pair of work boots need to offer your feet a strong arch support. Without strong arch support, your foot is bound to suffer. Arch support reduces the pressure on the heel of your foot, and that makes your steps comfortable. Consider getting a pair of supportive insoles, if the choice of your work boot does not provide adequate arch support.

Features, Construction & Material

Even though most of the work boots look similar on the outside, they serve a different purpose. Depending on the nature of your work, make sure you invest in the right work shoes for you. For example, a delivery guy and a construction worker have entirely different needs – buy work boots that have the features to meet the requirement of your work.

Comfort over Style

Without a doubt, you should always go for comfort when it comes to work boots. However, with numbers of footwear manufactures designing work boots that are comfortable yet stylish at the same time, you wouldn’t need to worry much. Some high quality brands like Steel Blue, Redback, Mongrel, Blundstone, and Mack offer a wide range of work boots that feels comfortable to put on and looks good on the outside.

Bonus Tip: Socks

Socks are often overlooked and usually is an afterthought; however, choosing the right socks is equally essential for your feet comfort. Always go for work socks that reduces the odour and sweat while providing enough support and care for your skin.

With the right pair of work boots coupled with comfy work socks, you are not only protecting your feet from injuries and ailments but also giving the comfortability you need to keep going through your work.