3 Types Of Bridal Nightwear To Amp Up Your Honeymoon Game

Bridal shopping is just not done until you invest in some sexy bridal nightwear. While every bride looks for that perfect wedding gown, bridal lingerie is often neglected. So dear brides to be, it is extremely essential for you to include lingerie on the top of your to do list. Remember what goes under the dress is as important as the dress itself.

Many women confuse bridal hosiery with casual innerwear sets. Well, nightwear shopping is one of the most intimidating tasks of the wedding. Frm bras to bustiers, shapewears to stockings and sexy nightwears, you need to think of all. It takes a whole world of excitement and fantasies for the bride to be to buy a nightwear that would be perfect for the night. So here is your personal guide to help you buy one of the perfect bridal nightwear for your newlywed life.

All About Bridal Nightwears

The perfect bridal ligerie is nothing but a cherry on the top of your sex sundae! As you start the hunt for the right lingerie, the very first type you will come across is a simple lacy lingerie. Lacy lingeries can actually be turntables during a honeymoon. With that being said, here is the list of all sexy lingerie that you can consider carrying in your honeymoon suitcase.


Bra is the sexiest part of lingerie. There are around 46 types of bra but you need these three to turn on the heat – Balconette bra, plunging bra and shelf bra. The Balconette bra gives a gentle lft to the bust along with a round appearance. These bras also reveal the top half of the breast. Plunging bra, as the name suggests, takes a deep plunge to reveal the right amount of cleavage. And shelf bras, being the most spiciest, have bifurcations within. They come with an open cup, half cup and split cup.


The better half of the bra, panty, comes in a million types. But the ones that you need are thongs, crotchless panties and edible panties. Thongs are one of the most popular ones in the panty family, they help you flaunt your buns. Crotchless panties provide easy access. You can give it some extra effets by pairing it with garters and stockings. Lastly, edible panties are made of candy or gummy. You need not to wear these outside your underwear.

Nightwear Sets

Last but not least are the bridal nightwear sets. These are again one of the most appealing nightdresses. They come in two popular variants, namely, babydolls and satin suits. Baby Dolls are just like short dresses but a little more sexier. The fancy lace and net attracts the most attention here. Whereas with satin nightdress, you can set the mood of your partner in the best way possible.

Honeymoon might be 5 days or 5 weeks long. So always remember to keep your stock up with a special bridal nightwear for each day!

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