LED lighting is gaining favor with consumers ahead of options such as CFLs and incandescent or halogen lights. LED lighting is an energy-efficient way to illuminate indoor and outdoor places.

Since the LED lighting sector is driven by innovation, there are lots of interesting facts about LED lights that are fascinating companies, families, and even children.

Let’s look at the 10 most interesting facts about LED lighting.

LED lighting

1. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

If each American switched to LED light bulbs, that is the equivalent of removing the emissions from 648,000 cars.

In 2012, about 49 million LED lights were installed in the U.S alone. The government registered savings of about $675 million in annual energy costs. In the next 20 years, switching completely to LED lights could save $250 billion in energy expenses.

2. LEDs Consume Less Power than Traditional Bulbs

LED lighting is extremely energy effective and consumes significantly less power than light bulbs and halogen lamps. Up to 90% of the power used by LED bulbs is converted into visible light. Modern LED lights in lighting solutions have the lowest power consumption and the longest life span.

3. LEDs are Cool!

LEDs are cool to touch. They only reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit so you can touch them and not get burned. Comparatively, incandescent and halogen bulbs will almost definitely leave you feeling a little barbecued with first or second degree burns as their temperatures can reach from 375 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. LED lights Do Not Shatter

LED light bulbs do not get damaged easily like traditional light bulbs. They do not shatter like other lighting solutions. If a CFL or incandescent bulb shatters and you get hit, you may need to go to a hospital to get treated not only for physical wounds but for mercury contamination too.

5. LED Lights are Highly Energy-Efficient

LED lights are extremely energy-efficient. LED lights are a great alternative to save you money when electricity costs continue to increase. LED light bulbs can last for 100,000 + hours, which means that they can pay for themselves usually in less than 2 years.

6. LED lights are Super Versatile

LED light bulbs are available in so many forms! It would be hard to list them all, but for starters they can be found as indoor light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures, sign lighting, and rope lighting.

7. LEDs are Everywhere!

LED lights are known to be fracture-resistant. They need little maintenance and focus on single direction light. They are used almost everywhere-from traffic lights to televisions because of these features. Additionally, they are used in most food-selling shops. Studies shows that compared to CFLs and incandescent light bulbs, LED lights decrease bacterial reproduction.

8. LED Light Bulbs are Flexible

LED lighting fixtures offer a variety of lighting solutions that can be installed in many environments. LEDs can be used indoors or outdoors, with dimmers, as pendants for concentrated lighting, flush in a roof or wall, troffer, and at many more places.

9. LED Lights Last a Really Long Time

LED lights can last from 12 to 22 years anywhere. LED bulbs actually last up to 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs and CFLs.

10. LED bulbs can be hybrid!

Just like hybrid cars can be fueled by gasoline or electricity, there are newly innovated LED bulbs that are powered by electricity or a rechargable battery. It’s safer than fumbling in the dark with candles or flashlights during a power outage. The backup light comes from the bulb itself; how cool is that!

Of course there are many other interesting facts about LED lights but due to the limitations, we compiled these few but important and interesting facts! Find out more about the benefits of using LED lights for your home and office and start saving money and energy now!