You might not realise how important your car keys are until you lose them, or they stop working. Unless you find it, you’re stuck. There are a lot of ways to get a new car key if you lose or break your current one. There are times when it costs a lot to get new keys for your car. But now, the time has changed!

Nowadays, you can get various options for replacing lost car keys. 

How To Replace Car Keys?

Most carmakers have been giving out new keys for a while now. If you lose or break your car key, what would happen? But mistakes and errors are part of life. There is almost always a way out of nearly every problem we face. So, if your car keys are gone, you can follow the following tips. 

Traditional Keys

There is a good chance you have a traditional car key if you have an old car. However, we know old things are pricier than the new ones. It’s easy to get a new car key when you lose your old one. You can just go to or call a locksmith to get one. If you want to make a traditional car key in a short amount of time, this is the best way to do so. 

Transponders Keys

This is an advancement over the traditional key. The transponder key incorporates a chip that notifies the ECU that the correct key has been used and permits the engine to start. While a transponder key is an upgraded version of a standard key, you can contact a locksmith who specializes in such keys if you ever misplace your transponder. They have spare keys equipped with the same chips that may be used to adjust your car. However, it will cost you more than they would for a traditional car key. But it’s an effective way for replacing lost car keys. 

Key With Fob

You can start your car with this key. It also locks and unlocks the door with a key cylinder that you can find inside. However, if you lose your key and have to go for replacing lost car keys, call a locksmith right away. They can make you a new one right away! A person who owns a car can also buy a fob later. 

Key Attached To The Fobs 

For the last few years, several more carmakers have been giving out fobs that have the foldable key mechanism to people who buy their cars. You need to be highly cautious when you have such keys. If you lose your keys, there are only two ways you can get them back. Firstly, you can use a spare car key, and you don’t require replacing lost car keys. Secondly, you can go to any car dealer to get a new replacement fob key. 

Smart Key

Nowadays, intelligent keys are one of the most popular ones in the car industry. There are a lot of cars today that do not have keys or get started when you push a button. However, if you lose one, you can use the spare key. But if you don’t have that, you have to contact your dealer and need to be replacing lost car keys. Most likely, in the worst case, the dealership doesn’t have a specific fob in stock, which means you’ll have to wait a while. 


However, it turns out there are a lot of different types of car keys on the market. If you lose the car keys replacing lost car keys is only the option. And we must say, prevention is better than cure. Losing your key will not only cost you extra money but some valuable time as well.