behavioral optometry

Behavioral optometry is a concept that considers the degree of vision in relation to activities like reading, learning, computers, and making sure that the eyesight is in order. This concept does not cover only the health of the eyes but also identifies issues related to the eye coordination, distance focus, eye that is lazy (amblyopia), and the eye that is turned (strabismus). In order to achieve good eye care, an optometry professional might suggest the patients take up the following treatment:

  • Usage of tinted lenses
  • Changing the power in the glasses
  • Providing therapy related to the vision
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  • Behavioral Optometry


Earlier, poor eyesight was caused due to the aging of an individual. With the advent of the smartphone, poor eyesight is the case in many youngsters these days. This has increased the demand for Behavioral optometry professionals. Some of the factors that one need to look while choosing an optometrist are given below.

Using Referrals

Before choosing a Behavioral optometry professional, one should know the difference between optometry and other branches of eye care. An optometrist only detects the problems in the eye and does not treat the problems like an ophthalmologist. Considering this key definition, it is important for the patient to conduct the research before choosing an optometrist. The research can be based on word of mouth referrals. If a neighbour or a relative suggests that a particular optometrist can be trusted, it is most likely that the optometrist is good at his profession. He might be more trustworthy and reliable.

The Availability Of The Optometrist

Depending on the availability of the behavioral optometry professional, it is important to choose the right one. Most of the optometrists are not available in the evening or during the weekends. Hence, the patient has to plan his/her schedule accordingly. One of the trends noticed is that good optometrists are booked for more than 2-3 weeks. Based on this, it is always better for the patient to plan ahead and work toward finding the right time to make the visit.

behavioral optometry

The Reputation of The Optometrist

If the patient is confused about the Behavioral optometry professional, he/she can first check for the credentials of the optometrist online. If the optometrist is qualified, it usually means that he/she is the right person to consult. Also, online reviews, a relevant eye-related degree, and relevant experience, all together add to the reputation of the optometrist.

Beware Of Money-Making Optometrist

There are many optometrists, who actively look out for making some extra bucks. It is best to stay away from such Behavioral optometry professionals and look for the ones who genuinely suggest for the eye tests. How can one find out if the optometrist is a money-making man/woman? If the optometrist suggests a home remedy for a few days and then suggest a visit to the clinic only if nothing improves, then it means that an optometrist is genuinely a good person. If the optometrist suggests tests during the call and telling nothing about the eye condition, then it means that the optometrist is trying to make money.


Along with all these factors, it is important for the patient to be aware of the fact that behavioral optometry professionals should not keep patients waiting for long. If this is the case, it means that the optometrist is not efficient. Looking at all these factors, they remind that frequently visiting for eye checkups is a good practice and it will help the individual in the long run. Keep these factors in mind and go ahead, book an appointment with an optometrist as soon as possible.