intranet platforms

All the best intranet platforms come with an employee portal, an in-house network for communication, collaboration and information management. As your business grows, your organization creates, stores and conveys more information.

To make sure that employee communication does not become strenuous, you need an intranet employee portal to improve employee communication and experience within your organization. 

The following factors makes your employee intranet sore success:

Easy mobile access to remote employees:

Availability- If your organisation wants more skilled and knowledgeable employees, you will seek remote employees that work in their flexible hours. So it’s important to customise your portal in a way that your remote employees are easily able to access it anytime from anywhere. 

Accessibility- Your business intranet portal It should be accessible on all internet-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. Make sure that your employees can access the employee portal on any browser.

Visually appealing for exceptional employee experience:

Appealing Navigation-The design of the employee portal should be visually pleasing. It should be easy to navigate. Get an employee intranet portal that allows you to integrate notifications and team chats. 

Updated tasks and important dates- It keeps the employee informed of all the tasks that require the employee’s attention such as meetings, deliveries, emails and so on. The employee intranet portal should feature birthday wishes, client reviews, appreciation messages, department newsletters and other pieces of content.

A Productivity Gateway to Intranet Applications: 

Gateway- The employee portal should be capable of doing more than just showing static content. Your employees need a gateway that provides access to other intranet applications that you use in your organization. 

Applications-These applications include productivity suite, calendar and mail, CRM, ERP, HR self-service and more. 

Content Creation Features and Tools:

Magnetic piece- The portal should provide all the features and tools required to create and manage pieces of content like posts, polls, news, broadcasts and so on. 

Easy Operation-The portal should not require special skills or training for content creation.

Easy Access of relevant content of different Departments

Customization- Make sure that employees working in the different departments and teams can customize the employee portal according to their unique requirements. 

Ease of relevant content- Employees should be able to access relevant content easily. The portal should allow employees to add bookmarks and favorite links. 

There are many benefits of using a custom-built employee portal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your employee portal. It is customizable and captivating. You know everyday people engage in different tools to get the work done. 

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