Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing The NDIS Meal Provider

Thanks to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, people with disabilities can conveniently order healthy, delicious food at a low cost with NDIS meals. Must say, it is one of the best initiatives taken by the Australian government.

With the popularity of this food delivery trend on a spike, we would like to mention that there are several approved NDIS meal providers near you today. But how will you ensure that you have chosen the appropriate one? 

Don’t worry; asking the below-listed questions may help you know what to look out for:

Are You Eligible For NDIS Meal Plan?

The first and foremost question to ask yourself is whether or not you are a registered NDIS participant. If not, are you eligible to apply as a fresh participant? 

You should know that even if you are eligible, the benefits of the NDIS plan may vary. So, before getting in touch with the NDIS meal provider near you, make sure if daily activities are covered in your plan. 

What’s In The NDIS Meal Plan?

Once you are sure about your eligibility for the NDIS scheme, you should concentrate on your meal plan and how it is beneficial.

So, the most vital thing you need to confirm is the ingredients used in making NDIS meals. Here are a few areas that you should check for –

  • Does the meal contain added sugar or preservatives?
  • Is the meal prepared with crappy oils instead of healthy oils?
  • If you are celiac or lactose intolerant, does the meal provider offer the option of customization?
  • Does the meal include any store-bought ingredients or sauces?

What Is The Delivery Method?

Besides ingredients used in the meal preparation, it is important to ensure that meal plan delivery services provide convenient delivery at doorsteps. You should take into account –

  • How do the meals arrive: Are they pre-cooked, or do you have to cook them by yourself?
  • Does the time of delivery suitable for you?
  • Does the delivery person regard your instructions?

Company’s Details

If you are yearning to make the most out of the NDIS scheme, you must consider the authorized meal delivery company. Don’t forget to examine whether the company is legit and follows the NDIS meal and payment requirements or not.

Additionally, inquire about the cancellation policy. A right won’t make you serve a notice of anything longer than a week to stop your deliveries. 


Choosing the best NDIS meal provider is indeed a matter of consideration. We hope our guide will help you make the right choice, so that you can enjoy healthy, tempting meals without depending on frozen food. 

Do share your thoughts on what else you look for in your Meal plan provider – we’d love to hear from you!