Tree Removal Tips

Trees are the gifts of nature that support ecology and most importantly are the life source for humans. That is why you need to save trees. But there may be times when saving becomes impossible and tree removal becomes the only and last available option. Therefore, this should be done only when it is inevitable and that too properly and safely to ensure that no damage is done to the surrounding trees, property or life. You can get this done either by yourself or hire a professional for that matter but for both the aspects you will have to maintain utmost care and caution. There are few basic guidelines to follow to ensure safety while DIY removal and to choose a professional for best results in both the forms.

Inspect the Tree

You must first start with the inspection of the tree as you may know that tree removal is not at all an easy job and there are a lot of things you should consider. You will have to see the condition of the branches as well as the tilt of the tree to gauge the direction of its fall. Moreover, a dead tree does not always require removing and most of the times trees are removed for making space or due to ash borer infection.

Tree Removal

Sometimes judging the condition of the tree and the need for tree removal cannot be adjudged without the help of professional arborists. Call them for an inspection if you are unsure whether the tree is still kicking or not.

Tips to Follow

There are few specific guidelines to follow for best results and these are:

  • Tools and Equipment – You will require proper tools and protective equipment for your personal safety as well as for effective tree removal. Therefore, check your kitty whether you have goggles, helmets, sturdy boots apart from a chainsaw and an axe. You must also have a pair of gloves to protect your hands, visible vest for other people to see you are at work and ear plugs.
  • Read the Directions – Sometimes heavy equipment is necessary for the tree removal job and to make sure that you use it properly to the desired effect you should read and follow the instructions properly and diligently. If you have any ill-fitting personal protection equipment or used the equipment incorrectly then sharp equipment like the chainsaw can pose serious threat and cause injuries.
  • Call an Expert If in Doubt – If you are in doubt even in the middle of the tree removal process it is always advised to call an expert. They might charge a bit more for the damage that you have already caused but in the end, you will have a safer and better job done by the professional experts.

Few Safety Tips

There are lots of safety measures to follow during tree removal process. These are:

  • Contact the local utility company assuming that the all the power lines are energized
  • If the tree is within 10 feet of any power line call a professional line clearance tree trimmer
  • Always work in numbers as greater numbers means more safety
  • Use caution moving ladders and other equipment around the downed trees
  • Stay alert always
  • Do not work in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Conduct a hazard assessment of the area before commencing
  • Use only properly maintained equipment
  • Do not climb with tools in your hand
  • Never turn your back on the falling tree

Remember, DIY process can save you money but if you hurt yourself you will have to pay for injuries, damages caused to property and may be even face legal issues. Therefore, always hire a pro.