Digital Torque Tools

The world has gone digital and so have the tools. Today, you will find all sorts of digital tools that are easy to use and more effective. However, whether it is digital torque tools or any other, you will need to know the right ways to use them for the best result. The good thing about these digital tools is that they will do most of the work for you. This will take away the guesswork out of the equation. This means that you will always have the precise torque setting as required for a specific job. This will ensure less number of issues in the future.

Digital torque tools are specifically used in production and manufacturing units. Here, precision is the key.

The best ways to ensure that include:

  • Setting the right value of torque on the digital torque tools using the ‘set’ button and the up and down arrow keys
  • Programming the tolerance parameter according to the maximum and minimum thresholds to ensure quality control, safety, and the ‘go-no go’ signal response
  • Placing and applying the desired torque and stopping when the buzzer indicates you to do so and
  • Checking your reading or the green light that indicates that the right amount of torque is reached.

This will ensure that the torque is well within the precise tolerance zone.

The key benefits:

Designed for day-to-day use and different assembly applications, these digital torque tools come with unique features that provide a lot of significant benefits.

  • The setting can be programmed with the help of different sensory, visual, and acoustic signals that will indicate when the appropriate torque is reached. This will prevent overdoing or any damages caused by surpassing the limit.
  • There are usually four different types of torque measurements available which you can use according to your need such as Nm, lb/ft, lbs/in, and Kgf/m and
  • You can also use bi-directional and heavy-duty ratchet head if you need the tool to operate in the peak mode which will hold the peak torque reading for 15 seconds.


These digital torque tools have high visibility, an LCD screen, a non-slip grip, and a four-digit display. The battery-operated tools are user-friendly and simple to use. You can set torque values precisely and use these tools till the green light indicates you have achieved the optimal point. This means that there is no need for elaborate training for the operator to use these digital torque tools.

Essential for the manufacturing industries:

The use of digital torque tools is essential for automotive, aircraft and other light and heavy engineering units. It is safe to use and there is no scope for exceeding the specific torque thresholds. You will know when you have achieved the desired torque as the handle will start to vibrate.

The use of these digital torque tools is varied and wide. You can use it for tightening the screws and at the same time audit the fasteners to see whether or not they are loose.  These tools are perfect to use in noisy environments because you will not have to focus much on the torque measurements. The LED display and the green light will indicate you to stop when it is done.

These tools come with the right parameters and torque tolerance. This will ensure better control of your operation as well as quality. This will also ensure that both safety and reliability is not compromised. This will also provide a guarantee that the latent failures and the potentially catastrophic damages are prevented. 

It is for these benefits and features of digital torque tools that most companies are using them increasingly.