Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Upgrades

Electronic fuel injection technology is being slowly introduced into landscaping technology, and definitely it has many advantages. Replacing a carburettor with EFI upgrades is not only cost efficient, but also have many other advantages. Some of the biggest benefits of electronic fuel injection efi upgrades are as follows.

Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Upgrades

  • They require less servicing

Since electronic fuel injection efi upgrades do not have any carburettors, there is less servicing required in general as well as carburettor maintenance costs are also eliminated. The fuel system does not get damaged for the simple reason that the tank is completely sealed, thus, the gasoline does not encounter any oxygen. As a result, the gas does not get contaminated, and the engine does not require as much servicing as it would with a traditional carburettor.

  • There are no more carburettor float problems

An EFI system is completely electronic, thus, does not have a fuel floating system as a traditional carburettor system would have. Instead, it has an injector. The floating fuel system would often cause a lot of problem with the movement of your vehicle. Thus, due to the elimination of the carburettor float, there is no possibility for such issues to pop-up in your vehicle again.

Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Upgrades

  • Enhanced power

Compared to a carburettor engine, the EFI system provides higher power and torque to your vehicle. An EFI system can easily and efficiently optimize the ignition timing and air-fuel ratio parallelly over many different ranges of operating speeds. An electronic fuel injection engine produces from 5% to 10% more power as compared to a carburetted engine of the same power.

Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Upgrades

  • Lower consumption of fuel

Due to the electronic system which continually adjusts the air-fuel ratio to maintain an optimal level of combustion, EFI systems produce much lesser amounts of fuel consumption as compared to carburetted versions of the same engine. Carburettors can be quite inefficient when it comes to varying the different power conditions. This is mainly because it can be difficult to maintain and optimize the air-fuel ratio for the different throttle settings. However, with an electronic system, effective altitude consumption is much easier to achieve. This produces less fuel consumption.

  • The vehicle can experience excellent starting

Probably one of the greatest benefits of electronic fuel injection efi upgrades is the fact that they have great hot and cold starting performance. This is once again all due to the benefit of EFI systems to optimally calculate the air-fuel ratio and also due to the increased atomization that is experienced only due to the injection of the fuel, as opposed to the same fuel delivery from a carburettor version of the engine. This simply means that the engine can be easily started in both hot and cold temperatures without any issue at all.

In case of a carburettor, you would have to adjust the carburettor if you decide to take your car out during extremely cold weather. However, in the case of EFI, the fuel injection system is fed with the data by the ECU, telling it exactly how much fuel is to be added at any given moment precisely.

  • It is more reliable

Most of the complexities that come with a digital system are all eliminated with the EFI’s electronic system. The moving parts, different springs, nozzles, etc. are all eliminated, keeping behind a simple electronic system which is far more reliable. EFI systems can easily maintain an optimal air-fuel ratio during all phases of the flight, and always remain in a proper state of tune. This greatly enhances its reliability amongst drivers.

EFI systems are far more advantageous over the carburettor versions of engines. That is why, they are being introduced into many more landscaping technologies and are far more reliable, powerful, and fuel efficient.