Alcohol Beer

Fun fact: there are products on the market sold under the ‘0 alcohol beer’ category but contain trace amounts of alcohol. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot find a genuine, sober-friendly, and non-alcohol beer. There are some brands that allow you to experience the sumptuous taste of beer without adding alcohol to your body. 

Some people love the taste of beer but hesitate to drink one because it gets them high. Apart from that, individuals in recovery don’t want to taste a beer because it may be a trigger. 

However, there are occasions when you wish to be a part of an event. When people around you are having those cocktail glasses in their hands, you realize your juice glass makes you get some strange gazes at the party. Here, the perfect solution is a beer with zero alcohol

0 Alcohol Beer: Near Beer or No Beer?

Some people have a hunch that anything that appears like beer is actually a beer. Also, there are regions in the world where any product having less than 0.5% alcohol is non-alcoholic, which means even a non-alcohol product can add some amount of alcohol to your body. 

Now, the good news is that not all non-alcohol beer products contain trace amounts of alcohol. There are brands like Freestar that let you enjoy the rich taste of beer without drinking any booze. Their products have 0% alcohol, which means they are completely free from alcohol. 

Bonus: Their products are not only free of alcohol but also taste good. They make a sumptuous option when you want to hang out but also don’t wish to consume alcohol. 

All About 0 Alcohol Beer

An interesting thing about zero alcohol beer is their main ingredients: malted barley, hops and water, which are the same things available in a regular beer. What differentiates the two types is the method: Instead of brewing, the non-alcoholic beer is blended while skipping the yeast. In the process, natural ingredients like citrus fruits are used to make the product.

Where to Buy 0 Alcohol Beer

Although numbers of brands worldwide claim to offer beer with zero alcohol, only a handful of them have products with 0% alcohol . While looking for a genuine, flavoursome product, search for a well-known brand of non-alcohol beer who also offers gluten-free beer for people allergic to gluten. Have a look at their products to ensure that they are suitable for your needs.

If you are in search of 0 alcohol beer in the UK, go to Freestar. The winner of the World Beer Award has been selling high-quality, gluten-free, and alcohol-free beer for the last many years. Their products do not contain any amount of alcohol and also taste well. Find the best non-alcohol beer for your needs and enjoy its rich taste!