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Love for coffee is everywhere in this world. It doesn’t only provide freshness, but espresso coffee also acts as an anti-depressant diet. In many commercial places or offices, you must have seen the coffee machine, a dispensing machine. There are only some offices or places who own the coffee machine, other than that all the other offices and commercial spaces have the coffee machines on rent or lease. There are several companies which provide commercial espresso machine rental at an affordable price and with good service. The price of the machine varies on the type of machines you will be using. Some are automatic while some are semi-automatic.

What is the cost of espresso machine rentals?

There is not just one type of espresso coffee dispensing machine but there are lots of them. Each one has a different function and the pricing of those depends on their function. Most of the rental prices of the machine range from $10 to $20 depending on the machine you are taking on lease. This price range is for a week, but if you want commercial espresso machine rental at a more affordable price then you must opt for monthly rentals as the rental price can be lowered on the basis of that.

expresso machine

Rental of the coffee machines is generally suitable for small to medium firms for a shorter period of time. But the most optimal way to investing in the coffee vending machine is to buy if it affords your packet. Also, most of the time investing in rentals of the espresso machine can be costly, so it is better to get a rental agreement for a specific period of time so that you can save much more on your coffee machine rentals.

What to expect in the rental of the espresso machines?

Whenever you take something on a lease, there are some items which come included with the rental. Same is with the commercial espresso machine rental. Whenever you take an espresso machine rental on the lease, you must expect at least below things to be included in the rentals.

  • The rental should include different type of espresso drinks such as regular and decaffeinated espresso, regular and brewed coffee, tea, along with sugar
  • It should also include paper cups, along with varieties of tea and coffee along with napkins
  • Set-up and maintaining the cleanliness of the machines should be the responsibility of the contract owner

Above points should be cleared when renting the coffee machine.

Types of espresso coffee machines and how to choose one

There is not one, not two, but many options for selection of espresso coffee machines. You can choose commercial espresso machine rental based on its function whether they are automatic or semi-automatic coffee dispensing machine.


Based on the capacity of the machine there are two types of machines. One is known to be heat exchange and another one is multi-boiler.

  • Heat exchange machines are those which are best suitable for restaurants, offices, and small cafes.
  • Multi-boiler capacity machines are best suitable for big firms and offices as there is a need for constant brewing of coffee

Other types of machines can be chosen on the basis of below categorization.

  • Power
  • Groups
  • Workflow and automation
  • Automatic cleaning cycles and night modes
  • Reliability and servicing
  • Style of the machine
  • New technological and advancement of the machine

So, above are the types of the commercial espresso machine rental and can be bought on the basis of their function.


A coffee vending machine is required by almost all the companies irrespective of how big or small they are. Each one has its own way of renting so always go for the best commercial espresso machine rental service.  Such machines are of immense also help in case of any party or occasion.