7kw reverse cycle air conditioner

The home environment should be comfortable for peaceful relaxation and rest of the residents. Only a good quality air conditioner can ensure this comfort to the desired scale. The latest models of 7kW reverse cycle air conditioner bear all the necessary features that attract the buyers instantly. This type of air conditioning machines is now very popular among the common mass, for fast cooling and heating effects, easy operations, affordable costs, and high star ratings.

Prime Benefits Availed From a 7kW Reverse Cycle air conditioner

reverse cycle air conditioner

  • Controlling feature via Wi-Fi: The latest technology of 7kW reverse cycle air conditioner can be connected with any Smartphone that has a Wi-Fi connection. Now Wi-Fi dongle is also available that can be attached to any mobile device for controlling this air conditioning machine of home from anywhere else. So you do not need to find out your remote system to operate the air conditioners and you can easily operate such reverse cycle air conditioners through your Smartphone.
  • Perfect air filtration system: The latest filtration technology of a reverse cycle air conditioner is provided with 3 micro filters. Two dense filters are meant for capturing all dust particles, harmful microorganisms, and allergens. Lastly, the ion filter makes the air of that room absolutely clean and fresh. But to maintain your air conditioners, you need to replace these filters on time and you can contact with your manufacturers or dealers in this regard.
  • No hassle for maintenance: The modern models of reverse air conditioners are provided with auto cleaning technology. Numerous plasma ions are automatically generated to clean the inner parts of an air conditioning machine. Thus, there is very less chance of mould formation or bacterial growth on the heat exchanging coils of the outdoor unit. Moreover, the inner panels are removable and washable, making the cleaning of this appliance simple.
  • Easy remote control: The remote control device of a 7kW reverse cycle air conditioner is provided with many useful functions, like LCD backlight and touch screen. Hence, the wireless remote control operation is both easy and enjoyable for the users.
  • Minimal electrical consumption: This reverse air conditioner can be put into standby mode when not in use. The consumption of electricity will be negligible during this mode of the machine, thus saving a large amount of electrical energy. Since you can save your power consumption cost by installing such air conditioners.
  • Automatic air swing: The air can flow out of the air conditioner by swinging in 4 ways. This air swing is optimised to give out cool air automatically that cools the room much faster. As this 4-way swing distributes air in all directions, and 7kW reverse cycle air conditioner is best for large rooms. Even you can install such air conditioners in your commercial buildings to cover large areas.
  • Makes room mildly dry: While cooling the room, the reverse air conditioner also absorbs the excess humidity from the air through the inbuilt dehumidifier technology. Thus, the air becomes moderately dry that makes the residents feel more comfortable and fresh.
  • Provision of 24-hour timer: The air conditioning machine can be switched on and off with a prescheduled timer and you can also switch on their sleep mode to save your power consumption bill.

The electrical power consumption is very less for the dual services of a reverse air conditioner. It needs a very little amount of energy for heating or cooling a room, which makes this appliance achieve high energy rating stars. Different parts of the inverter compressor of this air conditioner are provided with a 10-year warranty. Thus, the buyers feel more confident about the longevity of their purchased 7kW reverse cycle air conditioner.