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It is quite difficult to do something that you are not interested in. This is especially the case with kids who are often reluctant to adhere to their oral hygiene routines. During the formative years, one of the biggest problems that parents face happens to be this. But just like parents are advised to develop good habits in their kids right from an early age similarly it is also recommended that they should teach the kids to take proper care of their oral health from the initial days. This will ensure that they do not face any serious dental issues later on.

Developing the good oral habits can set the kids on a path that assure their great oral health in future. But brushing is something that does not come naturally to them and it becomes quite a challenge to establish a fixed schedule for taking care of their oral health.

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But nothing to worry! Here are some tips with the help of which you can motivate the kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day.

  • Educate the Toddlers about the Reason of Brushing the Teeth – You may have failed to train the children, or your kids may not be still happy for brushing the teeth. But educating the kids on the significance of teeth brushing can make a huge difference to them. You should explain them in terms that they will understand. Keep their age in mind at the time of doing so.  At the next checkup you can ask the dentist to provide them with a demonstration. Though fear is not something that is recommended but still a look at the false teeth of grandma can give them some idea. This way you can reinforce that teeth need to be brushed for surviving in the long run.
  • Let Them Choose – You should let the kids choose something rather than assigning them with anything. That is why you should let the kids’ sense of control at the time of shopping for the dental care supplies. So, let them choose the toothbrush and the toothpaste and the kind of floss that they want to use. This way they will be able to enjoy the oral care routine as they will be able to use the materials that they have hand-picked.
  • Brush Together – One great way to assist the first-time brushers is to start brushing with them. This allows you to give them brushing tips and also understand how long they are brushing. This is also quite a fun routine where you and your kid can have fun together.
  • Introduce a Reward System –Positive reinforcement is something that most kids respond well to. While teaching your kids about good brushing habits you can take this method to your advantage. You can begin by starting a routine and designating the time limit for which your kid is expected to brush the teeth. So, each time they brush the teeth for the designated time, you can let them add a sticker to their chart. Once they have achieved an appropriate number of stickers at the month end or weekend you can reward them. But don’t go for any sugar or candy as rewards because that will do more harm than any good to their oral health.
  • Go for Music – Music can aid in passing the time to a great extent. By playing their favorite song while brushing the teeth cannot only help them learn the right way of brushing the teeth but also can make the time enjoyable for the kids. Both the kids and adults should brush their teeth for at least a couple of minutes each time.  So, help them pick up the fun songs as they brush and floss to make the otherwise boring time enjoyable.

The above are some of the ways suggested by the renowned and the best dentist in Jaipur in order to motivate the kids for brushing their teeth well. These will ensure that your kid develops good oral habits right from the early days so that they do not face any issues in future and can flaunt their smile confidently whenever they want.