Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy is basically a complex special epoxy resin that has finely powdered metal added to it. This is typically used for floor coating that gives an aesthetic feel and a glossy finish to the floor. This kind of floor coating is now used almost everywhere to make the floor appearance polished and shining. For instance, you must have visited someone’s office and got attracted to the lustrous finish of their floor and wondered what material they have used for their floor – that was metallic epoxy that grabbed your attention. These types of floors are quite popular in restaurants, showrooms and galleries as well.  The pulverized metal pigment is mixed and added to clear pale-yellow (called yellowing) epoxy resin and poured on the surface of the floor.

How This Floor Coating Works – Application

As most of the people want to give their place a lustrous look, Metallic Epoxy is high in demand nowadays. The epoxy resin is poured on the floor and spread or rolled by paintbrush or a roller, while the metal particles present in the resin get tensed and create movements incidentally reflecting light from various angles until it finally settles down and the resin hardens. This subsequently, gives beautiful swirly finishing to the surface. The floor has to be clear and free from spalling and cracks and necessary repairs, if any, has to be made on the floor before applying this special mix. It entirely depends on the application of the metallic resin, how the look of the floor will turn out to be, often giving a three-dimensional feel.

Metallic Epoxy

The Advantages Of A Perfect Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

This multi-layered epoxy is used especially to give a nice look to the floor; that’s why it is essential to apply the perfect epoxy coating to the floor that will be advantageous. A higher quality of epoxy requires minimum maintenance as well.

  • Stain-proof – This special floor coating does not get stains or dirty. In the process of floor preparation, if the floor is applied with a genuine epoxy floor coating, the floor will not have stains.
  • Does not burn the pocket – Epoxy floor coating which has powdered metal pigments will not burn deep holes in your pocket. There are several other kinds of floor coatings as well but when compared to metal epoxy coating, the latter is the winner.
  • Does not damage the concrete beneath – Besides, giving the area a glossy look, the floors with this kind of epoxy coating protect the concrete floor from any damage or dirt or cracks caused by a high amount of moisture.

Tips To Find Out If The Epoxy Floor Coating Is Authentic

It is to be noted that there are different types of epoxy coating but here are few tips to find out if the Metallic Epoxy coating is original or not.

  • An unadulterated epoxy coating does not have Chemical Thinner addedNonylphenol is simply known as non-solvent thinner. A low-quality epoxy floor coating contains high amounts of nonylphenol. Manufacturers use this chemical thinner to lower the pricing of their epoxy floor coatings by degrading its quality.
  • Blushing Excess amount of moisture present in the air causes a waxy layer formation on the surface typically known as blushing. A good high-quality Metallic Epoxy coating will have a minimum formation of this layer in comparison to the substandard quality of this coating.
  • Minimum crystallization Crystallization takes places due to various factors such as, if the additives are impure, a high amount of moisture content in the air. Changes in temperature are also one of the factors that result in crystallization. However, an adulterated metallic resin has more chances of crystallization than high-quality one due to the impurities in the metal pigments.
  • Minimum Induction TimeAuthentic epoxy floor coating does not require higher induction time once the metal particles are added to the epoxy resin.

Lastly, this complex epoxy floor coating serves more than one purpose. Along with giving a sheen appearance to the floor, it is also very easy to maintain, economical and strong.