Doctors who treat injuries and diseases by using imaging is known as radiologist specialist. They are the ones who have done their specialization in medical imaging. He takes the inside picture of your body to help diagnose and treat them. Specialist Radiology also takes additional training to specialize in a particular Radiology subspecialty such as nuclear medicine, cardiovascular radiology, breast imaging, chest radiology, emergency Radiology, Head and neck radiology, Paediatric radiology, etc.

Things That Come Under Imaging Procedure Are: 

  • X-rays, 
  • magnetic resonance imaging 
  • computed tomography 
  • positron emission tomography 
  • nuclear medicine, 
  • Ultrasound.

They all come under imaging procedures.

What Are The Different Types Of Radiologists?

Now let us look at different types Specialist Radiology.

  • Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Neuroradiology.
  • Nuclear Radiology.
  • Pain Medicine.
  • Paediatric Radiology.
  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology.

What Are The Types Of Radiology Department?

We all know that each doctor has a field of their own subject of specialization. Their knowledge about general medical is apt and they are expert of particular part of radiology subject. Some of the specialization are given below:

  • Diagnostic radiology: 

These Diagnostic radiologists used medical imaging techniques to diagnose diseases and injuries and help to treat these diseases. They can use many different medical imaging methods: radionuclides, ultrasounds, electromagnetic radiation, X-rays, etc.

  • Interventional radiology: 

They used medical imaging techniques to give therapy to people who suffer from noncancerous conditions. The interventional Radiologist also used medical imaging techniques to guide the process of surgery. Specialist Radiology also help the doctor during the medical procedures of biopsy of patients through their imaging techniques and guide them properly.

  • Radiation oncology: 

This medical imaging techniques are based on radiation. And this radiation therapy is helpful to treat cancer. The Radiation oncology techniques used high radiation energy in treatment to damage the cancer cells and stop them from spreading further.

Why You Need A Specialist In Radiology?

A specialist in Radiology can provide you with better guidance on your treatment process. Some of the primary reasons are given below where you might need a specialist help:

  • Screening of cancer
  • Screening of tumours
  • Accidents
  • Trauma
  • Broken bone
  • During pregnancy
  • Infections in the body
  • Any foreign objects in the body
  • Blocked Arteries or vessels
  • Torn muscle and so on

Radiologists Take Safety Measures For The Best Treatment Solutions

Some of the medical imagining techniques are used radiation. Due to the use of radiation techniques, it becomes essential to take training to understand radiation and follow safety measures. The Specialist Radiology takes various safety precautions during their job, such as:

  • Radiation is harmful and it can affect the human body in worst way possible. So the Radiologist must take appropriate safety measures while they do their job.
  • These professional are well aware of the fact that radiation is harmful for human body. Hence, they have to keep a check on the time period the patient’s body is being exposed to the radiation.
  • They also need to keep themselves protected and behind the curtains as well. This is because the patient is exposed to the radiation for a fraction of time but the specialists has to do this every day. They are at risk of exposure for longer time duration which can be harmful for them.
  • Also, Provide quality interpretation of their resulting medical images and do their job with honesty and loyalty to the patient.

Specialist Radiology is a doctor who works with medical imaging techniques, including computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging scan, X-rays, etc. These techniques help to diagnose the fundamental problem of diseases and provide better treatment to the people. Specialist Radiologists also work with many other doctors to diagnose the problem and give better medical treatment to them.

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