For homeowners who have gardens and landscapes to be maintained, electric lawn mowers are a godsend.It was expensive to run a gas lawn mower because it would require fuel and it would turn out to be an expensive deal. If you compare a gas lawn mower with an electric lawn mower you will find such electric mowers beneficial because these mowers are portable, cost effective and available in a cordless version.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the main advantages and disadvantages of electric lawn mowers that you should think about before buying one.

Let’s move on to the advantages of owning an electric lawn mower


  • Whether corded or cordless, electric lawn mowers are environment friendly because they do not emit any toxic elements into the environment. But, gas mowers can pollute the air and you can save the planet from such adverse effects by choosing an electric lawn mower.
  • When compared to gas lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers create no noise as its mechanism is very quiet. You can prevent noise pollution and keep your neighbors happy by using an electric mower.
  • Electric lawn mowers do not require extensive maintenance and servicing because there are no filters to change or fuel. Just the basic upkeep is all it takes to keep it running.
  • The regular electric lawn mowers are very light in weight and the only weight is of the lawn mower and with cordless lawn mower too there is not extra weight. The batteries are not heavy making it easy to operate as compared to other lawn mowers.
  • You don’t have to apply energy or stress your muscles to push or maneuver the electric lawn mower, and you can easily mow the grasses of your outdoor area during the weekends. It will take less time and energy.

Let’s move on to the disadvantages of owning an electric lawn mower


  • When using a corded electric lawn mower, you’ll have to take care of the cord and make sure it doesn’t get tangled every time you move around the yard. You can choose a cordless mower equipped with rechargeable battery to avoid this issue.
  • It’s not for you if you have a large yard that takes longer than 30 minutes to mow. The batteries have a maximum run time of 30 to 45 minutes, so you will need a backup battery.
  • If you have a lawn that is larger than half an acre, you cannot able to cover up the entire lawn in single charge unless you have a backup battery.
  • Lawn mowers blades are powered by a torque, and an electric lawn mowers torque is very low compared to other lawn mowers’ torque. Because of this, electric lawn mowers aren’t the best option for hilly terrain.
  • Compared to other lawn mowers, electric mowers are more expensive. They also contribute to higher electric bills because the batteries need to be charged.


There are various brands in the market that manufacture electric lawn mowers, it is best to conduct your own research before you finalize on one brand. Look for certified authorized supplier or dealer with excellent reviews and ratings from customers. This will help you get better deals and products which sits right within your budget.