Now that you have brought in the landscaping supplies for your garden, it’s time you make a clear idea of what are the tasks that you must do to protect your garden in winter. Winter will bring an emptiness in the garden. The frequency of time you spend in the garden in winter falls as compared to the merry times you spent in the summers, fooling around in the garden, having fun with your children and close ones.

Well, we must do certain things to keep our garden safe and sound in the winters apart from just stuffing it with the right landscaping supplies and gardening tools.

Here’s a customised list for you:


1. Please keep it clean of the snow!

Snow in the garden might seem cool and pretty to you, but it’s not! Excessive snow in the garden at times for longer times can bring some harmful effects to the land and the plants in your garden. If you are a fanatic to keep a healthy garden, then this is one of the most crucial things you need to do when winter arrives. Remove the heavy snow as soon as you can from the shrubs and bushes but also remember to allow some snow to melt naturally and soak into the ground.

2. Prune the ones you always wanted to!

The diseased parts of the plants or the infected plants themselves tend to spread and damage other plants in the garden. However, when winter arrives, the chances of these diseases spreading comes down. This is the best time to take out the pruners and start a hunt to cut down all the damaged plants. The bare branches will give you an in-depth sight of the part that’s damaged to most and that need cutting.

3. Check if the seeds still work.

The landscaping supplies may be in plenty in your garden, but what good is it if there are no plants in it? If such is the case, then now will be the right time to bring in the old seeds and check them out in the soil. In case the seeds fail the test, make sure to order a fresh set of seeds along with landscaping supplies that you would be ordering. Waiting more and planting bad seeds in the ground is a wrong way to treat your garden.Garden-Supplies-Bayside

4. Look for the birds.

Just bringing in sufficient landscaping supplies to keep the ground of your garden clean is not enough! It would be best if you also took good care of the wildlife that is dependent on your garden – mostly the birds. The birds who have decided to make their nest in your garden must be looked after in the winters. Their natural food supplies that they receive from the plants are no longer there with your garden all covered in snow. You can put out fresh water daily and hang suet cakes on trees to attract woodpeckers. This way, you can allow the ecosystem in your garden to thrive despite the snow.

5. Get a plant journal.

A plant journal will help you by informing you about the best practices in the winters. You get one of these in any shop where you get your landscaping supplies from. You will know what is lacking in your garden and how you can make your landscape healthier and soil more fertile.


Winters are good for some, but for the gardens, it brings some hard times. However, this may not seem so hard if you know how to maintain the garden in winters. Start by bringing in the most needed garden supplies.