TikTok For Good

We’ve probably heard about TikTok. It’s a social media site that allows users to make 15-second movies and broadcast live from their profiles. The medium, initially designed for teenagers but now used by businesses, organizations, and startups, has gone viral. TikTok isn’t simply “another social network”; it’s been installed over 2.5+ billion times and has over 850+ million monthly active monthly users worldwide. TikTok for Good is a TikTok effort aimed at inspiring the younger generation to make a positive difference around the globe. Nonprofits use it to expand their audiences, attract contributors, and increase awareness. On the other hand, the nonprofits could also opt to buy tiktok followers to bring more audiences and build better awareness. In this post, we’ll discuss TikTok for Good and how you can use it to help your nonprofit expand.

What Is ‘TikTok For Good’?

TikTok for Good is a TikTok initiative that provides three distinct ways for organizations and people to use their visibility on the application to raise public awareness and contributions. Profile management, enhanced analytics, and promotional hashtags are the three options. TikTok app’s Account Management solutions allow nonprofits and people to achieve their goals by helping with best practices, maintaining user connections, and providing guidance. The advanced analytics services arm of the initiative will supply your company with data on your profile and videos so you can analyze how your viewership grows and how the clips work throughout. Finally, sponsored hashtags can help your organization raise exposure for your cause because millions of TikTok users can utilize your hashtag to make films. 

Utilizing TikTok As A Nonprofit: 6 Proven Methods 

1. Donation Stickers Can Be Used

First, not all NGOs now have access to donation stickers; however, it might shift in the future. Verify to see if the nonprofit can add a fundraising sticker to its TikTok account right now. The button appears at the front of your clips and allows people to contribute straight to your cause. If the nonprofit is reluctant to do so right now, use the other techniques listed above to try to boost your fans and interaction. TikTok will notice you if you expand your audience. It may enable you to launch a new revenue stream relatively soon, such as the Donation Stickers!

2. Take Part In Hashtag Competitions

The nonprofit can use TikTok hashtag contests to ‘challenge’ fellow users to take any action for the cause. Make sure your hashtag challenge has a distinct and essential purpose or goal. The American Heart Organisation’s #keepthebeat challenge is an excellent instance of a TikTok challenge. Viewers and fans of TikTok were invited to create videos to the track “Keep the Beat” to assist the organization raise donations for their cause. To find things more straightforward for their supporters to donate, the group included text-to-give data in their request. Choosing an exciting hashtag challenge will be the first of several steps toward guaranteeing that your mission gets the largest possible audience.

Helpful hint: Identify an influencer who will accomplish the challenge and promote it on social networks. It will increase the number of people who know about your challenge. You could also checkout Trollishly if you need any further post-reach.

TikTok For Good

3. A Lot Of Posts Are Required

To increase your prospects of gaining attention on TikTok, professionals say that the nonprofit must upload 1-3 times daily. Each day, TikTok receives billions of video views. As a result, it’s critical to do all possible to keep the game going. To guarantee that you upload at the optimum strategic moments each day, we suggest recording and preparing your TikToks in advance. 

4. Create Entertaining And Educational Clips

Authenticity and trust-building will help you engage with your audiences. Next, expose your fans to everything you can regarding your organization, including your programs, staff members, supporters, and activities, as well as your beneficiaries and the precise methods in which contributions make a significant difference. Finally, invite your audiences “behind the scenes” of your TikTok and ask them what they want to see!

5. Enlist The Help Of Influencers 

Choose a superstar or well-known famous person to star in your TikTok video. Note, “popular” doesn’t necessarily imply “A-list star”! Local ‘celebrities’ and personalities can help your nonprofit succeed. This could range from well-known newscasters and business entrepreneurs to artists, entertainers, and subject matter specialists. To identify the proper person, use your network as well as that of your employees. If your influencer has 500, 1,000, or 50,000 followers, they’ll reach out to a whole new group of individuals!

6. Take Use Of TikTok Live!

TikTok enables producers to go live and connect with their viewers in actual time, comparable to Facebook live. Anyone can communicate with their team in real-time and respond to and pose questions. Individuals will remember you if you reveal your “genuine” side and why the cause is essential to you. TikTok live could be used for “behind the scenes” excursions and sneak peeks. One can conduct interviews with beneficiaries and employees and provide updates on the influence of a contribution to your organization.


If you are an NGO, you should start utilizing TikTok right away! The opportunities are unlimited with TikTok for Good, which continues to develop among the most well-known social media sites. Connect with previously unengaged target consumers and make speaking about your company enjoyable. If you follow these tips, you’ll be TikTok’ing in no time!