foundation sample set

Every skin tone varies from another. Finding the right shade of foundation for your skin is no less than choosing the wedding dress. Nowadays when the market has ample shades of foundation with renowned brands, you never know what would suit you or match your skintone until you use them. Of course buying different shades of foundation just to get rid of this confusion is not a wise thing to do. And this is why investing in makeup foundation samples is practiced more often than before. The fact that such practices gives us the idea of exact shade which will match our own skin tone keeps it at the top.

Foundation sample sets are a smart way of investing in makeup. When we buy a sample before the actual product size we know how the product is going to perform. The coverage of the foundation, its texture as well as its durability, everything can be judged beforehand. It is always advisable to buy a foundation sample set in the first place. With that being said, here are few ways to get these sample sets online.

Get free makeup samples by mail

If you are a content creator or product tester then asking for the makeup samples from the companies is your right and no company would deny you. The reason that you are reviewing a product and marketing about it free of cost will let the company offer you the product free of cost. Apart from this you can also join free survey campaigns and sites in order to avail the chance of getting a foundation sample set. Such surveys give you an option of answering a few questions and in return they reward you with the makeup set of your choice.This is the company’s way of creating reviews for their products before the people in mass actually give it a try.

Become a makeup and beauty product tester

As mentioned earlier, if you are a beauty vlogger then your voice does matter. The companies themselves are in search of such beauty vloggers who have a voice so that their product can get indirect promotion free of cost. So once a company knows about you they will send you free foundation sample sets to test and try. There are also chances that the company offers you free foundation in exchange for your feedback.

Take part in online surveys

Online surveys lead you to many foundation samples for sale. How? All you have to do is be an online survey taker. Whether you are a newcomer or a renowned content creator, gift cards for such surveys are always open for you. Surveys include your opinions and feedback about the products. By doing this you get to redeem a gift card that gives you a chance to buy different makeup products. Therefore instead of buying sample sets you can also get your hands on the full size products that are too free of cost. So make this your secret weapon of owning makeup products free of cost!