melbourne cranes

Construction work often seems to be incomplete without the aid of the latest technology, such as cranes. Several companies often use this machine as an essential device to lift heavy things for construction. You will notice many companies hire Melbourne crane services based on different types of work. Indeed, you have to be aware of how many types of cranes are available for construction work. It might often be based on the project you would want to use the technology. You can focus on the list below to determine several types of cranes available for different purposes in the construction.

Crane Maintenance


If you desire a crane that can give you excellent mobility, this is the one for you. This crane has a rubber tire truck that helps in giving you the best results.

Floating Type

This is a ship crane that floats about water for the offshore construction purpose. These cranes are used explicitly to lift tons of weight and carry it to the destination construction base from the water body route.

Mobile Type

One of the most versatile objects that are used for the construction is mobile cranes. You can see a telescopic boom can be seen on the mobile platform. You will come across six types of cranes such as vehicle-mounted cranes, aerial cranes, railroad cranes, crawler crane, all-terrain cranes, and rough terrain cranes.

Telescopic Type

In this type of crane, you observe how several tubes are fitted that can help in decreasing or increasing the boom length. For this reason, the hydraulic mechanism helps in attracting or extends the machines.

Loader Type

Do you desire to use a specific crane that can be powerful enough to carry lots of equipment on the trailer? This crane is the one for you. Our experts can also fold the machine and fit in small places when you do not have any use of it.

Some Tips While Using Cranes

Every construction workplace requires a machine to lift heavy things without any fuss. One of the devices that help in such activities includes crane. You might purchase these machines for your construction work. Melbourne cranes allow you to provide total safety tips while using our heavy-duty hired cranes.

Crane Maintenance

After getting Melbourne cranes, you can manage the machine for a long time without the fear of potential damage by referring to the aspects below.

Crane safety

The first thing to keep the cranes in a better condition is using lubrications. You can invite certified experts to inspect the crane’s condition every year. Hire third party personnel to inspect the cranes so that you can be assured of its safety.  Checking the cranes might make you aware of any potential damage or even cracks in it.

Experts suggest that we should not store a single thing inside the crane. Lastly, dealing with the issues concerning cranes must be the number one priority.

Safety tips for the operator

You might have to use experienced and certified operators for cranes. You have to ensure the safety of the person inside and outside the crane at the time of lifting. Lastly, you have to make sure that the stability of the machine is maintained while operating to avoid damage.

Operating tips

Before using Melbourne crane directly, you might have to see what the machine is capable of lifting. You can use a load chart for that. While dealing with small lifts, you might have to make sure of using outriggers and ensure that hooks have safety latches.


Many civil engineers and construction companies use cranes to help clients with various project. If you get Melbourne crane in your construction work, you will be able to see the difference in your work productivity.