Horses are meant for carrying load and riding purposes. So they need to be kept protected at all times. Their legs are very thin in comparison to the entire body. That is why horses need various kinds of protective gear for their different parts, especially for their legs. You can fit your horse with dressage boots. 

Their legs have very little muscle mass, more so on the lower part of both their legs. That is why their legs tend to get hurt easily and they also fall down. Hence choosing the right boot is extremely important. Proper protection, support and comfort are the three reasons why you should buy the best quality leather dressage boots. So boots are given to horses as a measure of protection. 

How To Choose Boots For Horses? 

Before you can even think of fitting your horse with boots you must understand why you need to fit it with boots. Accordingly, you must fit your horse with boots. If your horse is going to travel you must fit, it with dressage boots or brushing boots. It can also be fitted with the boots in normal circumstances. 

Function Of Boots For Horses 

Horses are fitted with dressage boots for a few reasons. Here we can see why they need boots. They are: 

· Boots protect the horse from injury to their limbs

· Boots can be custom made as per the size of the horse, so they are beneficial

· They can be easily taken off and put on, so it is convenient

· They can be reused. So even if it gets soiled or wet, it can be cleaned and dried and put back on

·  Dressage boots provide a lot of protection because they can absorb a lot of external impacts

· When a horse is fitted with a boot, the temperature gets trapped inside. This keeps the tendons warm and prevents them from injury while exercising and it also helps to keep the horse warm on cold days. 

How To Choose the Right Dressage Boots For Horses? 

While choosing the right dressage boots for your horse you must consider a few points. You should see how much protection it can offer to your horse. 

The boots should be purchased from a good manufacturer so that they are made from good materials. The material also plays an important role in the making and serving of the purpose of dressage boots. 

Method Of Caring For Dressage Boots 

The dressage boot has to be regularly cleaned in warm or cold water with any soft detergent. If not cleaned regularly, it can cause harm to the horse in that it may cause infection on the legs of the horses. In addition, you should not keep the boots submerged in cold water or wash them with cold water and detergent. It is also important that you oil them on time. 

How To Fit The Boots On The Horse? 

Put the dressage boot on the legs of the horse, placing the straps on the outside. The extra front padding protects the leg of the horse, and high-quality leather boots do not retain any water even when they become wet. If the boot is not fitted properly the horse will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to run or even walk properly. 


In conclusion, it must be mentioned here that too warm temperatures can also damage the injure the tendon cells. So it is wise to know and understand when to fit your horse with dressage boots. Sometimes when the horse is resting it is best to let it stand without anything on so that it can be easy.