Town Planner

A town planner is well known for helping many people by telling them the most effective and convenient way to use their lands. Anyone can receive assistance from them, and different communities frequently require it the most.

When we talk about the main objective of the town planner, then the answer would be “just sustainability”, and achieving it is the main purpose of the planner. They balance different types of issues, be they environmental or even social. The issue typically consists of a single decision about whether the place is right for making a building or not.

Another thing is that the planning of the town is done by the planner only, so he creates places where people can work and live. Moreover, they have the knowledge and the skill to create structured town planning. Don’t confuse it with building construction work because this is not what the planner does. Instead, his recommendations are taken to rest assured that the place where the buildings are to be built is in the right place or not, or for what type of work the building should be constructed at that place and how to work on it, etc.

Town planners are known by many other names, such as urban designers, city planners, development planners, spatial planners, and there are many more names.

Here Are Some Fact About What Do Town Planner.

Duties And Projects

  • The development planner makes sure that people have the best access to different important buildings like hospitals, institutions, etc.
  • The town planner helps in designing the villages or the towns, etc.
  • They also play the role of an arbitrator to resolve the issues in case a dispute arises
  • They prepare the regional plans and development plans
  • It balances the requirements of different sectors.
  • It works based on the guidelines that have been set for planning the buildings, towns, etc.
  • They ensure that historical buildings are not harmed in any way, and aids in the protection of environmentally sensitive buildings
  • They mark all land use and prepare master plan
  • The city planners prepare the application for new plans and assess it for building towns and making the right use of land.
  • He meets and puts his proposals and plans in front of the people and listens to them to explain ideas by meeting up with different architects and other locals.
  • He finds the available and suitable land and marks it to build a specific type of hospital or any new town.

With Whom Do Planners Collaborate?

Town planners are well known for working with engineers and architects and with the local people. He also works with different communities such as schools, shops, etc.

Workplaces For Planners

When it comes to the work of town planners, then it is not specific, and it simply means they can work in all sectors, be it private or public.

What Does It Mean To Be A Chartered Town Planner?

When a person becomes an official chartered member, he is thought to be a qualified person, and one can call him or herself a chartered town planner. Individuals even get access to MRTPI letters to put them after their name. Because after these things, there are various opportunities that a town planner could get so much work from! New doors of jobs will also open just because the MRTPI is a hallmark that shows you are an expert in the town planning field and have all the skills needed to do town planning.

This achievement that a town planner gets after taking an MRTPI name is recognized in the whole world. The best thing is that it makes the path for the town planner to increase in employability.


The responsibility of the town planner is to plan the best designs for the towns and other urban areas and help with the development of the buildings.