The moment CCPA took effect and California passed another consumer privacy law—CPRA, many changes have been witnessed.

CCPA vs CPRA have always been in the talks of various organisations and businesses of California. Here are all the major changes that you must know.

Criteria for Qualifying as a Business

The very first thing that has been updated is the criteria for qualifying as a business. Under CPRA, an organization can classify as a business if they —

  • Are a legal entity which is operated to generate profit.
  • Involves collection of California consumers’ personal information.
  • Determines purposes and means of processing PI
  • Has an annual gross revenue of over $25 million in the last calendar years.
  • Derives 50% or more of its annual revenue from sharing or selling consumers’ personal information.

The change in California data privacy law has given rise to various guidelines. Earlier the companies that had to comply with the CCPA may not fall under the scope of CPRA due to changes made in the guidelines.

New Category Of Highly Protected Data

The CPRA introduces a whole new category of protected data or sensitive personal information. The concept for this is quite similar to Article 9 of GDPR that states, ‘processing of special category of personal data requires greater level of data protection due to the sensitivity of personal information. Businesses may require implementation of additional technical and operational controls to process such data. CPRA imposes specific requirements and restrictions on sensitive personal information that are different from CCPA compliance. poker888 This also gives expanded rights to the users to control usage of their personal information by different businesses. The new requirements include proposed limitations, updated disclosure, opt-out requirements for use and disclosure, and opt-in consent requirements. جورجيلينا كاردوزو

Expanded Consumer Privacy Rights

The major ifefcnes for CCPA vs CPRA are reflected in the new and expanded consumer privacy rights. The top five consumer privacy rights are— right to opt out form third party sales and sharing, right to know, right to delete, right to data probability and opt-in right for minors. افضل الدوريات في العالم

The aspects of CPRA wont come into effect until January 1, 2023 but the organisations of Cliformanis should anyways start laying the groundwork for CPRA compliance.