Boost Your Indiegogo Campaign

So as your Indiegogo marketing experts have just launched the marketing campaigns. Here comes the time to preserve its momentum and tirelessly working towards the funding goals. Well, you can even think that you have accomplished half of the way. Just begin with the idea of building a strong digital presence and communicating presence across different channels in the best manner. 

If you have just invested in a suitable plan with any reputable Indiegogo marketing agency, then here are a few key factors that you need to know. Not to worry, we haven’t mentioned that your money is wasted. It’s just all the following strategies will enable your campaign and brand to engage with the potential audiences actively while identifying new backers and generating a genuine buzz amongst the existing ones. So, let’s get started then. 

#1 Staying in Touch

Paying attention to the contributors and fans after spending weeks on campaign preparation will portray your passion for the campaign. No doubt, your investors must be craving updates. To build successful campaigns in a shorter period, it is very important to contact all of them via email, social media, or phone. For instance, you can send emails to investors, fans, and prospective backers and let them know how their contribution will make a huge difference. 

Keeping it short and simple, stay connected with them, and don’t forget to build a customer support system to answer their questions quickly. Professionals usually who are Indiegogo marketing services have shared that emails and support systems have converted leads into clients while reaching 1.81% of their goal. 

#2 Build that Even Momentum

A perfect way to regain the contributors’ attention is to offer them attractive perks after the launch. It won’t only stimulate the funding but will also introduce new ways to connect with the audience. Indiegogo is an innovative platform that has merely supported the add-ons. Experts generally recommend at least 10-15 add ons after the launch. 

#3 Stay Realistic 

Once you have reached your campaign goal with a defined approach and introducing new incentives, you have every reason to feel happy and confident. Still, things may seem a bit complex to you when it comes to achieving the stretch goals. Just like the main goal, stretch goals are more challenging. However, they are achievable. 

Make sure that every stretch goal enumerates meaningful value to the contributors and investors. Don’t forget to use the power of social media as it drives more than one-third of the funding goals. So, make sure to find some time and plan out a strategic social media live session. 

Ultimately, as per the Indiegogo marketing experts, gaining the audiences’ and potential investors’ attention is essential for a thriving crowdfunding campaign. Keep in mind that offering rewards, add ons, and engaging contests will always keep the contributors in the loop.