Summer Outfits

Girls love the versatility of having a long hair has to offer. You can wear it up or down in many different styles than you can do with short hair. However, it can be a bit intimidating to keep up with a good routine to keep it healthy and shiny. But, did you know that girls with long hair have other struggles they have to face daily?

Another issue is that the season’s changing, and now it’s summer! And we know what that means! We have to keep up with a change in temperature by changing the way we dress. One of the things we also need to consider is how to look good and feel good about what we wear. How can you rock your favorite long hair if you have no idea which ensemble to wear? Lucky for you, we are here to help.

If you’re in dire need of excellent advice on which outfits to wear this summer that would look awesome with your long hair, stay tuned and keep on reading. Also, if you need some inspirations, you can check to see what your favorite celebrities are sporting this summer.

Okay, no more waiting! Here are some of the Best summer outfits for that long hair of yours!

Ruffled Off-shoulder Top and Denim Shorts

Show off your sexy shoulders with a ruffled shoulder top paired with a pair of denim shorts. You can wear just about any footwear you like from sandals to loafers, so go ahead and be adventurous! You can wear your hair into a gorgeous mermaid braid tail, and you’re good to go. This look is fun, sexy but still sweet and subtle, making it the perfect summer OOTD.

Cute A-line Dress

If you’re fond of a cute and sweet Outfit Of The Day, this one’s for you. Get yourself your favorite A-line dress and a comfy shoe like a good old pair of white sneakers. You can wear your hair up by making it into a messy bun. For a crisp and edgy look, put on red lipstick, wear some gold ensembles and a classy handbag. This look is perfect for brunch dates with friends and family or one of your summer office wear since you will still look professional without looking overly sweet.

Sexy Crop Tops and Boyfriend Jeans

You know how hot boyfriend jeans are today right? Even our favorites stars are rocking these babies! For a sexy summer outfit, Throw in your Boyfriend Jeans with a sexy crop top. Play with colors, but since it is summer, it would be best to stick to light tones like white, cream, yellow or pastel colors. Dress up your long hair by doing beachy waves, subtle makeup and wear your favorite kicks and you’re good to go.

Short Summer Dress and a pair of Ankle Boots

Yes, you can wear boots for the summer. Who says you can’t? Ankle boots are still even with the changes weather, and it would look exquisite with a summer dress as long as its length won’t go below your knees. Want a cute boot that one of the Kardashian sisters was seen wearing a couple of times? The Accordion Bootie by Stuart Weitzman is a gorgeous pair of white ankle boots you can wear all year round. Wear your long hair in a side ponytail and your makeup of choice.

Off-shoulder Bardot Skater Dress

Yup, another off-shoulder made it on the list! If it is not evident by now, this year, shoulder revealing clothes is a huge trend, and that means the spotlight goes to the crowd favorite, off shoulders! Wear a Bardot skater dress with cute flower patterns and match it with a pair of strappy sandals, your hair down with a cute straw hat on top, and a cute pouch to complete the look.

Classic White T-shirt and Mid-rise Slouchy Pants

For casual and lazy days, all you need is an excellent slouchy-pants, your favorite white shirt, and your good old rubber shoes. This is perfect for running errands like grocery shopping, playing bowling or meeting up with your friends for a joy ride. Keep your long hair down, wear your sunglasses on top of your head and simple makeup to walk the part. It is one of the favorite go-to outfits of celebrities thanks to its simplicity – making it an effortless but super trendy look.

One-Piece Swimsuit, Cardigan, High-Waisted Shorts and Flip Flops

Love going into somewhere near the waters? Whether you’re heading for the beach or towards your favorite waterpark, this ensemble is the easiest, coziest and effortless way to look fabulous. All you need it to get yourself a cute one-piece swimsuit. If you have none, a plain white spaghetti strap bodysuit would also work. Wear high-waisted shorts and flip flops, and finish it off with a cute cardigan to complete the look. You can wear different accessories of your choice. You can gather your long hair into a loose ponytail, with some of your fringe framing your hair.

Casual Jumpsuits

If there is one thing you can’t overlook this summer, it would be the fact that jumpsuits are jumping their way into the spotlight. The great thing about jumpsuits is that it comes in a wide variety of style, made with various materials and are very easy to pair with just about any type of shoes. You can dress it up with belts, jewelry, such as the classic hypoallergenic earrings studs, high-heels or flats, and your hairstyle of choice won’t even matter. You can choose to wear your long hair in braids, half up half down or even different types of hair buns. The only things you’ll have to worry is when you need to use the ladies room. Yes, you need to undress just to pee.

Long-haired girls often have a hard time trying to find clothes that will look great with their tresses. Sometimes, it gives us a headache when you have to worry about skincare, makeup, hairdos as well as the outfit of the day. How come our favorite celebrities can look awesome no matter what they wear with their long hair? Their secret is to be confident, smile and just be yourself.