Best Hold-Ups to Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe in 2022!

As the winters are approaching, many of you would be looking for the season’s latest accessories. Apart from berets, beanie caps, and leg warmers, there is a solid reason why millions of women look for the best hold-ups. If you are also exploring options online and looking for an accessory that makes you stand out, especially for your romantic evening, then what else can be better than fashion hold-ups

Their primary purpose is to add a pinch of glamour to your whole look. And guess what is the best part? These hold-ups keep you warm too. With so many styles and different terms in the hosiery industry, it is okay to be a little confused about what they all mean. Are you part of this gang? Not to worry! We have answers to all your questions. Our quick blog will showcase the standard difference between hold-ups, stay-ups, and thigh highs. Let’s take a look. 

Usually, when we see premium accessories like Levante hold-ups, we all know that they are interchangeable. It goes without saying that black and ivory hold-ups have been a highlight in Europe and the UK’s fashion industry. Basically, they are stockings with silicone or elastic bands around the top that merely help to keep stockings in place. A garter belt is used. 

On the other hand, thigh highs are something popular in the United States. Typically, they are similar to the hold-ups by definition. The only difference is in the terms, which means it actually makes a difference on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you are on. 

Be it blazing summers or chilly winters, brands like IWT have some of the best hold-ups to offer. Even we see our favourite celebrities and fashion influencers admiring hold-ups rather than stockings.  Here we have put together some of the best-sellers; let’s take a quick look at them. 


These ivory sheer hold-ups are from Charnos. They come with a super glossy finish that is highly ideal for a polished leg look. What else is more interesting about these hold-ups is that they feature a plain, smooth top and a sheer toe, giving you an absolutely flawless look. Denier Quality is 15, which ultimately gives you a luxurious feel at a great price. 


These 60 deniers are one of the best hold-ups in the UK as they are considered a highly ideal match for every occasion and outfit. Even the famous fashion influencers can be seen flaunting these opaque tights that give a classic matt look, combined with a warm, soft feel. If you are looking for a pair of hold-ups with a superb fit and comfort, then this is a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe. 


These Levante hold-ups are quite a trend. They not only give a cosy feel to your legs but also flatter them in a sexy way. The sheer hosiery stay-ups are durable as compared to the rest of the categories, and are perfect to wear with boots and winter knee-length skirts. All in all, they are a classy accessory to add to your winter wardrobe. 
Life is short, but hold ups, and stay sexy!