What Can You About A Leaking Boiler

Water leakage is a common problem with both residential and commercial boilers. You may think that it is easy to fix this problem after you see a few drops of leaking water. However, you need to call an expert as this may be a sign of some serious problem. You may also need to buy Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets or any other gasket recommended by the boiler manufacturer. You can prevent most of the boiler issues with regular preventive maintenance. Let’s learn about the most common causes of water leakage in your boiler. 

Identifying a Leakage 

Water build-up around the boiler’s base tells everything. However, this is just a sign. You need to find the cause of the problem. It may be happening because of deteriorated insulation material or deteriorated jacketing. You should also look for steam leaks in your boiler. Use a water meter to track your boiler’s water consumption. If the boiler is using more water, this confirms a leakage.      

Causes and Diagnosis 

Now you know that water around your boiler is because of leakage, find the source of water leakage. If you don’t know anything about boilers, contact your service technician.


A pump circulates water throughout your boiler. As this important part of your boiler is always working, rapidly moving water can destroy rubber seals. The pump valve may break. If the damage is not serious then you can use a Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets kit to reseal the pump. In case it is serious damage, call a service technician as you may have to replace the pump.         


Pipes carry water throughout your boiler system. Water leaks might be at one of the pipes carrying water in and out your boiler system. This may happen due to corrosion or poor installation. You need to reinstall pipes properly or replace damaged pipes. 

Pressure Relief Valve 

When pressure build-up is too high in the boiler system, it releases water and steam through the pressure relief valve. Identify and fix the cause of pressure build-up. Remove debris or lime to fix this problem. Make sure that you are using a regulated valve.


Corrosion weakens your boiler system and creates a way for water to escape. Signs of corrosion do not indicate that you are using an old boiler system and you need to replace it. Poor water quality can also cause corrosion.

Thermal Fatigue 

Check feedwater coupling. High thermal shock or too low temperature can crack the welds on the coupling. This is where low-temperature feedwater and hot boiler water come in contact. Heat transfer reduced in the internal components is a serious concern. This happens due to scale built-up on the boiler tube sheets and tubes. Declined heat transfer rate causes overheating inside the boiler system which can damage components. This causes metal fatigue. Fix this or prepare for ruptures or cracks. In some cases, this can also lead to a complete boiler failure.

The best way to avoid water leakage is preventive maintenance. Don’t ignore signs of water leakage. Call a professional to fix it.