For hundreds of years, tiles have been used to embellish edifices. Places such as Egypt and China are popularly known for the primitive use of tiles. There are mainly two types of tiles, ceramic and porcelain. These tiles are primarily used in constructing residential or commercial properties.

People are now favoring porcelain tiles given how strong they are, their long-lasting quality as well as their aesthetic elegance. These attributes make them more qualified as compared to their counterpart ceramic tiles.

You can purchase them from porcelain tile wholesalers that offer you a variety of options and better prices. However, before you make a purchase, here is a guide on how you can select a good porcelain tile.

How Is Porcelain Tile Different From Ceramic Tile?

Porcelain and ceramic tile are formed using the same material. These materials are clay, filler, and feldspars. The main difference between these two is their manufacturing. However, the clay used in the making of a porcelain tile is finer in nature and richer in kaolinite. When looking for porcelain tiles it is essential to consult the porcelain tile wholesalers. It ensures that the best quality tiles are installed.

They are processed in a kiln by firing them at a temperature of 648.8 degree Celsius which is much higher than their ceramic equivalents. Further, they are pressed up to 50 US tons for every square inch. This gives them strength. Porcelain tiles are uniform and smooth and thus work best for larger areas. Your spaces will look neat, shiny, and organized with these varieties of tiles.

In the case of thickness, porcelain tiles are the same as ceramic tiles but comparatively weigh more. Another difference is the number of choices. The sizes, colors and design along with the utility of the tiles should be considered when purchasing from porcelain tile wholesalers.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles can be utilized for several surfaces including floors, walls, as well as countertops. Furthermore, they make an excellent choice for areas that are moisture-prone such as the kitchen or bathroom. These tiles can also be used for swimming pools.

However, before you make your decision and contact your porcelain tile wholesalers, here are a few considerations that you must keep in mind?

Choose The Class Accordingly

The light-weighted and classy tiles are  made for areas that are not prone to heavy use. Bathrooms and kitchens are areas with low to moderate traffic. These spaces can utilize porcelain tiles of second or third class. For areas with medium to higher traffic such as kitchens or hallways you can pick the fourth class. The fifth class is best known for commercial spaces or places with heavier traffic.

Make Sure That Your Tile Is Fit For Its Use

Before you select a porcelain tile, it is necessary that it not only fits the interior of your spaces but also fulfils its functions. Therefore, make sure to select the tile that fits the standards and meets your space’s requirements.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a porcelain tile for your floor, make sure that it is not slippery. When selecting a tile for your counter, make sure they are not susceptible to stains or spills.

Based On The Finish You Need

Multiple porcelain tiles offer different finishes. You can select from unglazed and glazed tiles. An unglazed tile offers a uniform and solid color. These tiles are hard-wearing and maintain the same color even after long use. These offer polished as well as rough finishes.

Another choice is glazed which offers matte and glossy finishes. These tiles are coated with a protective layer on top of the tile. The porcelain tile wholesalers can provide you with numerous colors and patterns for these tiles.


Porcelain tiles are favored by many considering they offer higher strength, last longer, and offer a variety of color and pattern options. These properties make them a better choice over ceramic tiles.

Further, they work best with areas prone to moisture and heavy traffic and can be purchased from porcelain tile wholesalers at lower prices. These tiles are also simple to clean. These tiles can be utilized in all kinds of spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc.