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Fashion is existent in our lives at all times, even the clothing sold in a bazaar ever used was exhibited on an edgy catwalk. These days, the best style has to be considered. Following fashion trends help people boost their confidence. With that, selecting the best fashion trends is a must to consider.

Fashion plays a vital role in society and not only allows you to define your own style, but it also allows you to show and define your personality. And what better way to express your identity than ear-piercings? See, the beauty of piercings is if you change your vibe, you can take them out. They’re individuality on an entry-level scale.

An outfit is truly never complete without a fantastic couple of earrings. With so many types of piercings out there, it can be confusing to figure out which trend you should give a shot. Have a look at the most up-to-date piercing trends of 2018 and shop out earrings for your collection ahead.

The Anti Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus is the small portion of cartilage at the bottom of the ear just above the lobe. The less common anti-tragus piercing is an excellent option for someone looking for something a bit different. This trendy piercing can look marvellous with studs, hoops and in mixture with lots of other jewellery.

The Helix Piercing

Any piercing in the outer cartilage edge of the upper part of the ear is denoted as a ‘helix piercing’. Two piercings positioned one under the other in this area is called a double helix piercing. An old-style piercing that still captivates the eye. Individuals are now ameliorating their helix piercings by adjoining numerous jewels in a row. You can chicly exhibit yours with intricate hoops for an up-to-date guise in 2018.

The Rook Piercing

The rook is the central piece of cartilage in the central part of the ear. Follow the antihelix round from the snug to the other end of the cartilage rim, and this is where you locate a rook piercing. You can own this piercing style with a hoop or barbell.

The Forward Helix Piercing

The forward helix runs alongside your head. A forward helix piercing is made in the external rim of your ear (the helix) at the topmost of the rim just above the tragus; it can frequently be quite painful as it is done through the cartilage in your ear. You can also get a double or a triple forward helix piercing.

The Daith Piercing

The daith is the minor part of cartilage below the rook. The Daith piercing is located at the tip of the helix on the innermost part of the cartilage near to the tragus. This could be used as a substitute to the standard helix piercing. It’s especially eye-catching when paired with other studs.

The Upper Lobe Piercing

The upper lobe is an overlooked spot that will be huge in 2018. The placement is where your fifth or sixth hole would be, note that the skin at this position tends to be thinner, so many piercers have historically avoided the area. However, professionals confirmed that there is no reason to avoid it.

The Orbital Piercing

Another promising trend is the orbital. With this piercing, two holes that hold the same hoop. (Not to be confused with the industrial, which is two holes that carry the same bar.) A lot of people have been altering their second and third holes into orbital holes, to use them in a way that’s a little more unique. You can always have a piercer slide a ring between the two holes to create that look.


Since the ear-piercing mania doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, this article will help you pick out the best and latest ear-piercing style to match your fashion preference. So, whether you’ll add on one at a time or get your new holes all at once, one thing’s for sure: More is most certainly more when it comes to piercing this 2018.

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