Outdoor shutters protect windows from stormy weather conditions while offering decorative purposes to your home. The installation of shutters on the window is becoming a trend due to the stylish appearance they portray. The physical security provided by wooden exterior shutters insulates your home while protecting your window from external elements.

So which type of external shutters should you consider for your home? There are a variety of shutter types, sizes, designs, and shapes that would be appealing when installed in your home. You should consider the following trendy outdoor shutter types as favorite options to put on your home.

Louvered Shutters

The primary purpose of these shutters was for privacy and ventilation in homes. However, customers enjoy the aesthetics that come along with them. These types of shutters are single paneled with wooden slats positioned at different intervals.

You can use the louver to close and open the wooden shutters at a degree depending on the amount of light and air you want to allow in. Different production lines provide operable and fixed louvers.

By hand-fitting the louver into a slot, you prevent it from falling out or flipping in the wrong direction. The overlapping uniform slats make the shutters suitable for different types of architecture. They work best on homes that are casual, classical, or ornate in appearance.

Raised Panel

If you wish to accessorize your home with style and boldness, you should install the raised panel wooden exterior shutters. They make your front porches look fantastic while giving you a sophisticated and quaint feel.

The comfortable and welcoming look that these shutters provide makes you want to spend time relaxing at home. They resemble a door or kitchen cabinet with raised panels. The outdoor shutters are not adjustable as in louvered and therefore, do not allow light or air.

 For that reason, they are more effective in protecting you from external debris. When you close these wooden shutters, you cover entire windows for privacy and insulation. Due to their simple yet stylish features, raised panels to blend well with a variety of home styles, including colonial, ranches, Victorian, federal, and Georgian.

Flat Panel

These shutters offer a fantastic design for modern and conventional businesses and homes. They are readily available in cedar and wood featuring flat quadrilateral framed panels. You should enhance your home style with the wooden shutter to add a luxurious curb appeal.

These shutters can serve either as composite exterior shutters or fixed wood flat panel shutters.  You can decide to mount the wooden shutters directly on the walls for all-time protection. However, operable shutter hardware allows you to lock swing panels for protection in case of inclement weather.

 As you shop for the outdoor shutters, ensure you choose those with matching colors and features as your home. Flat panels blend well with a variety of home styles including colonial, Cape Cod, and Greek revival.

Bahama Shutters

If you live in a hurricane prone area or love a tropical and beachy look, you should choose the Bahama shutters, which is one of the Best Hurricane Shutters. They are usually mounted on the top of the window and can be opened using prop arms at a preferable angle.

They are suitable for sun protection as they cover you as you take a view of the landscape. You can remove the prop arm and lock the shutter for protection from external debris or storm. In addition to their function and privacy, the shutters create a charming curb appeal with cooling shade.

You can adjust the slats to control the amount of air and light that gets into your house. Consequently, you save energy bills accumulated through air conditioning and lights while boosting the resale value of your home.

Open Board and Batten Shutters

They have an old world and rustic character due to their simple construction and repair. They have three boards held together with an angular, horizontal, or cross panel. The style was popular in barns and sheds but has gained popularity in modern homes due to the rustic charm added on them.

The open shutters have gaps between the boards, allowing light and air to pass through. They are mostly available in Vinyl and wood, making it possible to apply your customized paint that blends well with your façade.

Although the open wooden shutters allow you to see through the gaps, you can achieve a clear view of the landscape by opening the shutters wide. Their characteristic look makes them go best with French County, Cape Cod, and Mediterranean home styles.

Closed Board and Batten Shutters

They share similar characters with open Board and Batten Shutters but have no gaps between the boards. Initially, the shutters were ideal for cottage style homes and farmhouses.

The combination of their old-world charm and modern decoration offers a wide variety of designs for contemporary home styles. The outdoor shutters are readily available in vinyl, wooden and composite materials.

Closed board and batten wooden exterior shutters are firm and durable, making them the best choice for all seasons and maintaining an overall rustic look of your home. If you are concerned about privacy, these shutters should relieve you for they provide total enclosure from the outside view while acting as insulators.

Shutters with Cutouts

The feature on outdoor shutters allows you to personalize the appearance of your home by reflecting tour taste. If you enjoy artistic expressions such as drawings of animals or nature, then you should acquire shutters with cutouts.

While ordering these shutters, you can request cutouts of your choice. Shutters with cutouts add a decorative and charming touch to the exterior of your home, especially if they are of considerate shape and size.

Typically, cutouts include drawings of a crescent moon, a heart, a tulip, or a monogram. Shutters with cutouts incorporate your design ideas which are crafted to express your artistic expression and improve the appearance of your home.


Remember to thoroughly examine and determine the best type of exterior shutters that can work for you. Consider the specifications and requirements around your home. Most importantly, select the best value and size that you can install and maintain.