When a person is shifting his base from one place to another, the most irritating part of the whole process is to do the packing of all his belongings. Many people feel lethargic in packing appropriately and may simply dump all the things abruptly into the moving boxes of different sizes. In that case, they will take longer time to find out all their necessary stuff while unpacking at the new home. So, it is better to know the correct methods of packing, to avoid any hassle later.


Useful strategies for packing all the stuff in the moving boxes 

  • It is a thumb-rule of packing that pack the heavy materials in the smaller sized boxes, while pack the lighter objects safely together in the large boxes.
  • For packing any fragile item with other things, it is better to keep them securely by padding with woollen socks or small kitchen towels or thick scarves, to prevent any wreckage inside the boxes.
  • Many people prefer to cover their breakable glass or ceramic utensils with bubble wrappers, to protect them from any damage while shifting to the new place. The idea of placing large towels around the box walls is for cushioning the objects inside from damage due to jerking or collision with other sturdy objects.
  • As the packing should be done in a perfectly organised method for saving all the later problems. Pack the heavy instruments used for different purposes at home separately in a moving box, so that the owner does not have to search for them later in the new place.
  • Label each box or paste a list of all the items contained in them, to help in finding out the stuff easily from the moving boxes, where they are packed in. So, it is wiser to keep a notebook, marker pen, pencil, labels, scissors, and adhesive or cello tapes should be kept handy while packing. Finally seal all the boxes before loading them on the carrier vans, to safeguard the items kept inside.
  • All the heavy materials should be packed and loaded in the carrier first. So that, the lighter objects are not damaged by the weight of the heavier things placed on the top of them. Check whether the moving boxes weigh less than 50 lbs., to carry easily with the heavy items loaded inside them.
  • Securely close all the drawers of the wardrobes and movable kitchen cabinets with tapes, to save them from any damage. Similarly, lock the doors of the bookshelves and glass showcases tightly with the tapes and better to cushion it with old clothing.
  • While packing the electrical items neatly fold and secure the loose wires with elastic bands to prevent them from being entangled with one another. Further, causing frustration for the user. Do not place the boxes containing these electrical appliances below heavier items.
  • It is a good idea to pack all the items in a room together and load together on the carrier. So that, it can be easier to unpack and place them again at right places at the new home.
  • Pack together in a box the most essential items for daily use and load it last on the carrier. So that, they can be found out instantly on reaching the new place. Many people place the essential loose objects in bags. Taped under the large furniture. So that, they can be easily revived on reaching the destination.

The methodical package and shifting in right sizes of moving boxes will make the shifting process stress free and comfortable for the owner of the belongings.